KOKS is an award winning Nordic restaurant

TORSHAVN, Faroe Islands: The reputation of fish and shellfish from the cold sea are well known and so are the sheep walking the mountains. Add wild herbs, seaweeds, lichen and beer and rhubarb, you imagine some of the food served on driftwood plates. The new Nordic cuisine absolutely includes Faroese.

KOKS is an award winning and top ranked restaurant housed in Hotel Føroyar above the capital Torshavn. Two years ago KOKS won The Nordic Prize for best restaurant in the Nordic countries.
“The greatest honour we have received and few restaurants can boast of such wonderful view of the ocean and the surrounding islands”, head chef Poul Andrias Ziska said after the islands first Michelin star.

The food. Chef Ziska has commitment to local products. The style is a combination of old and modern, definitely seasonable with history of making age-old food delightful to modern taste. The menu includes Crab and capelin, air-dried mutton (skerpi), lamb and seaweed and beer and rhubarb, just to name a few of the ten courses menu. All the food is harvested, caught, shot or cultivated on or around the Faroe Islands and if it’s not smoked it’s fermented. All the wines were wonderful chosen.

Service. The smell of smoked spruce next to the fried lobster in combination with a smiling waiter and view of Torshavn by midnight was a gastronomic highlight. The waiter was a perfect storyteller and made me feel exactly where I wanted to be.

The bill. You need to sit down for 2-3 hours and relax. Cost of a ten-course menu is about 145 Euro, wine not included. I can assure you it is worth every Euro as this was a lifetime food experience.


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