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My City Toronto; Advice for one – wrong for another

The Royal Ontario Museum and the most impressive collections of ancient Chinese figures and sculptures.

Name: Barbara Kingstone.
My city: Toronto
Born: Writer Oscar Wilde said, and I paraphrase; any women that would tell her age would tell anything.
Profession: Journalist, publisher, editor and mad shopper at Indulged Traveler
Where do you live? Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Here I grew up:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
My City: I have lived in four continents, London, Sydney, Hong Kong and my home, Canada. I loved the adventure of discovery and working in each of these cities.

Why I visit My City…

Hong Kong where I lived for a year and it isn’t possible to be there unless you work, which I did. Everyone has at least one job and that seems to be their recreation.

My early memory: In Hong Kong, the day we saw our new flat given to us by the University which overlooked the water. I truly love that city since it’s such a buzzy place, not for those who want peace and quiet.

My favorite place to eat

Relatively new restaurant in Toronto called, Chase. The presentation is great, lovely interior space, the servers are so helpful. The Chef doesn’t overdo the herbs, spices and the fusion from various continents but allows you to taste what you ordered. Address: 8 Temperance Street, Toronto.

What do you eat there? Love their scallops and always their Soup of the Day.

Meet the locals

I belong to the Society of American Travel Writers and we have a regular monthly luncheon at restaurant Grano’s and located on Yonge Street near Davisville, and it’s where I get to meet colleagues, hear about new cameras and all things involved with travel and the professional development aspect of that luncheon.

My favorite bar: I’m not a drinker but if I do go, it’s at the bar at the new Four Seasons flagship Hotel. Did you know that The Four Seasons Hotels started here in Toronto?

Best place for a first date

It’s been a while but I think a first date should be a quite lunch, short and sweet. So if you don’t hit it off, you can always use the excuse that work is waiting. And if you do like each other, there are Speaker’s debates like Clinton etc. that comes here. Toronto is a great Movie city next to New York so going to the movie seems mandatory for discussion of what’s new on the on the screens, concerts, dinners, especially at Chinese or Italian restaurants since we have had a great immigration from those countries and “stolen” their best chefs.

Best places to visit

Perhaps one of the famous galleries, The Bata Museum, a fine and rare China Percelain Museum, The Gardiner and a Textile Museum. These are small in comparison to our larger museums. We have famous architect Frank Gehry’s new addition to the Art Gallery of Ontario where sculptor Henry Moore and artist Francis Bacon are on exhibit now and David Bowie’s exhibit just left. The Royal Ontario Museum’s new addition by Daniel Libeskin is still controversial but I love all the angels and glass attached to an early 20th century heavy stoned edifice. It also has one of the most impressive collections of ancient Chinese figures and sculptures.

My secret place

There’s a huge garden, High Park, where most of our immigrants have games, barbecue, picnic and so many languages that if you closed your eyes you wouldn’t know what country you are in. It’s huge with various activity centers, flowers and herb gardens, a pond with ducks and always private niches with benches where you can be a spectator. And a good place to exercise and run.

My best advice: You may be asked for advice, but no one is really interested to do what you suggest. I just tell them to see a psychiatrist or social workers to assist with their problems. Besides, an advice for one may be wrong for another.

My favorite shop: Since I travel so much and am a self declared six star fashionista, I adore finding new designers and small unknown boutiques in any city in the world.

Taxi or other local transport? Bus right at the corner of my street, but I have an orange Mini Cooper that I just must drive as often as possible.

Keep away of…

Although I’ve travelled the Globe, I’ve never had any difficulty. My little diversions are never making eye contact, wear sunglasses and a wedding band if you’re a woman travelling alone. Every city has an area that should be avoided and most travelers should find out where that is and stick to the more popular places.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
Journalist founded King Goya a few years back. Always traveling the world. Meeting people, local food and engaging stories are my passion. I don´t collect countries or require gorilla-stalking in Africa. I just want a tiny slice of adventure to be alive, and then excited to return home.


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