Shaikha Mai Al-Khalifa surprised all in Bahrain

Bahrain: Over one billion people cross international borders each year, it means there is more than one billion tourists. World Tourism Day was celebrated in Bahrain, and Shaikha Mai Al-Khalifa surprised them all as she gave away 200 passports covering 21 major and exotic tourist attractions of Bahrain.

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Seychelles – ” When the fisherman goes fishing, there are many things he needs to do and choices he needs to make to ensure he brings some fish back home. He must have the right boat… the right equipment… the right crew, and he must go where the fish are. Otherwise, he will only return home empty-handed”. Those are the magic words of Alain St. Ange, Minister of Tourism & Culture in Seychelles, who confirmed in his message in World Tourism Day that “let us make tourism our business”. Countries around the world and United Nations members celebrated world tourism day on September 27. “One billion tourists, one billion opportunities”, is the theme for this year.

Bahrain – On the 29th of September, HE Shaikha Mai Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, head of Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities welcomed a group of media, scholars of heritage and tourism to celebrate World Tourism Day. She surprised her audience and the media when the Cultural Tourism Passport sting unravelled. Her assistants gave away 200 passports covering 21 major tourist, heritage and archaeological attractions of Bahrain. The lucky recipient have to tour the 21 attractions and get an official stamp that they fulfilled the assignment till the end of November 2015.Fortunate winners will receive a tour package to an exotic tourist destination. This touch of class will definitely promote inbound & outbound travel to Bahrain.

A’ALI BURAIL MOUNDS – this world heritage site is considered the largest prehistoric necropolis in the region. Since the 3rd millennium BC and dating back to Dilmun & Tylos periods, families of influential deceased from Babylonia (present day Iraq) sought to have their interment in the sacred burial site. In ancient times and according to mythology today’s Bahrain was visualized as Eden and regarded as eternal paradise where wolves and sheep peacefully mingle together!

Prosperity – In another challenging arena David Scowsill, President of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), stated that : “Travel and tourism is a sector which collectively contributes nearly 10% of the world’s GDP and one in 11 of all jobs on the planet. Over one billion people cross international borders each year, a number expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030, while at the same time, billions more travel domestically.

Bahamas – “The tourism industry is catalytic in nature as it profoundly impacts every sector of the economy, from food and entertainment to the environment, culture and heritage”. I really like this genuine statement of O. Wilchcombe, Bahamas Tourism Minister. These colourful stories represent travel status in three corners of the world; The Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf and the Caribbean. Insightful, creative and down to earth. We must be living the Age of Aquarius with great expectations and unforeseen anticipations.


  1. I am very pleased to read about the story about BAHRAIN and specifically about dilmunia and tylos . I am planing to read more about this beautiful country and visit soon


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