RECIFE: Where ever I visit, I have a weakness to experience national specialties. Like in Brazil where housewife spend most of Friday and Saturday to prepare for a meal of Feijoada, a stew of sausage, meat and beans. Restaurants serve Feijoada for lunch on Saturdays.
This Brazilian national dish is heavy stuff and I always wonder why they prefer to eat such a heavy meal in their normally hot climate. The answer is; Brazilians love their national treasures and Feijoada is one of them.


Meat and black beans. This meal is meant to serve a group or a family gathering. No wonder, the preparation begins the night before. Real Feijoada contains of several kinds of smoked meat, ribs, beef jerky, smoked bacon, sausages, Ox tongue and even Pig Ears! All simmered with black beans and served with rice, farofa, hot pepper sauce and orange wedges.

Hear my statement. I was told Feijoada served at The Black Angus in Recife was the most awarded in this city. After my first visit to this posh restaurant I can only agree. This was the best Feijoada I ever have tasted. Even the Brazilian Pig Ear simmed in black gravy was delicious and tender. To any who may be in doubt, I hope you hear my statement.

Here is the pig ear

The Highlight. You must necessarily love meat to eat Feijoada. If you do so, you will find a variety of different meat only to be found at a meet market. I commend Chef Dede who has made Feijoada for decades. The quality of the meat, with all the trimmings and the elegant presentation was so inviting that I had a little too much. The highlight was a tender and tasteful rib eye steak, which came as an extra. After such a meal you are in demand for a nap at home.

Worth the price. The Black Angus also has a large selection of wines from other countries. But wines imported from Europe are far more expensive compare with wine produced in Brazil. This is definitely a dining place for wealthy Brazilians. The restaurant is expensive but the quality is worth paying the price. A meal Feijoada costs about 28 Euro / 38 USD, included attentive service, pleasant atmosphere and the wine cellar in front of you on the walls.

A bit breezy. If you don’t like the idea of eating Pig Ear, Chef Dede has plenty of other options, such as Kobe steak. The only off-put was that the air condition caused the food on the plate a bit cold in few minutes. I hope the manager at The Black Angus can hear my complaint and turn the air con at a lower speed, until I return for my next ear and Feijoada.

Click large photos of Feijoada

Recife facts
Recife is the main city in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil
Population: 1, 4 million / Pernambuco: 8, 8 million
Climate: Humid tropical, costal lowlands
Average Temperature: 79 F / 26C
The warm season lasts from November to April, highest temperature above 31C. The cold season from June to September, with an average low of 22C/71F and high of 29C/84F
Air travel time: 8h to Miami, USA, 10h to Frankfurt (GER), 7,5h to Lisbon (POR)
Main attractions: Boa Viagem Beach, Old Recife, Republic Square, Sao Pedro Square, dining and nightlife, Carnival and the Frevo music style.


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