Members serve an emerging need and concern, as more and more Scandinavians have become aware of the growing pollution emitted by millions of cars with hardly any passengers.

You hear the reports on the news and in the media daily. At the rate we´re going, and with the pollution we´re emitting, there will be no habitable Earth left for our grandchildren. Some call it propaganda, others dismiss it, but two entrepreneurs in Scandinavia decided to take action.

In 2005, while studying philosophy in Germany, Matias Møl Dalsgaard and Søren Riis observed the growing trend of carpooling. As a side project, they decided to launch a similar service in Denmark, and from their humble beginnings, GoMore can today boast over 155.000 members, and growing rapidly.

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Having been established in Denmark, GoMore has now set its eye on their neighbor in north; Norway. “We believe the Norwegian people to be just as liable as Danes to enjoy the benefits of carpooling. As of today, 9 out of 10 cars commuting into Oslo have no passengers. This is of course an immense strain on both the environment and our roads. Fewer cars create more flow in traffic, less accidents and less pollution. In short, carpooling can drastically revolutionize the way we travel.” says Market Manager Nicolay Schweigaard.

Becoming a member on, takes 2 minutes. It is then possible to see all current rides that are available by other members. As of today, you can travel from Oslo – Kristiansand for 250 kr, half of what it costs compared to taking the bus. Other notable rides are Stavanger – Bergen in a Jaguar for 180 kr, and Oslo – Kjøllefjord – a ride of more than 2000 km, for free. “We can´t dictate what our members charge for any individual ride, but we see both from Denmark and Norway that the rides offered usually cost about 50% of what you would pay for public transportation. I guess you could call it a win-win. You´re saving the environment, while saving money” says Nicolay.

The site is overall split into two segments. One is for drivers offering rides. When you know where you want to go, and you have room in your car, simply upload the lift on the site. It will immediately be made available for all to see. For people seeking rides, it´s even easier. Once a ride has been selected, payment is done to the driver´s bank account. If the passenger cancels the ride 3 hours or earlier, he/she receives a full refund. The same goes if the driver does not show, or cancels.

As all members must submit information about themselves on the site, the driver can select whom they would like to carpool with. Having said that, Nicolay emphasizes: “With thousands of rides in Denmark everyday, we have hardly ever gotten a complaint. After the ride has been completed, we encourage our members to rate each other. Out of a maximum of 5 stars, our members receive an average of 4.8. GoMore is a social way to travel. People respect each other, and Norwegians are fantastically polite. We like to say: GoMore moves you, both physically and intellectually.”


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