Sea Fu is mainly a seafood restaurant

DUBAI: ‘Go big or go home’ – this is seemingly the motto of Dubai where everything is made to be bigger and better than anywhere else. The Four Seasons Dubai is no exception to this with its glittering walls of gold and its grandiose marble spiral staircase. Even just walking through the front door of this hotel is an experience so we were very excited to dine at Sea Fu, their beachfront signature restaurant!

The soft background music and the views over the Arabian coast create a relaxed romantic atmosphere. At night the lighting is slightly dimmed and candles are placed on each table, all adding to the ambience. Guests can choose to sit inside in the air-conditioned restaurant or outside on the terrace, which has a laid back lounge style atmosphere to it.

We found the service to be excellent throughout the meal. Our Spanish waiter was very friendly and helpful when it came to recommending dishes and wine. We also appreciated that the gaps between courses were spot on timing wise, not too fast and not too slow.

Sea Fu as the name suggests is mainly a seafood restaurant and it serves Mediterranean inspired dishes and Asian fusion cuisine.
There were two aspects that really impressive, firstly the menu was quite creative and secondly all the ingredients for each individual dish were well planned out and complemented each other perfectly. In a place like the Four Seasons it is easy to rely on name alone and stick to safe boring menu options, but this was not the case in Sea Fu at all. On the desert menu there were items such as avocado and lime sorbet or balsamic ice cream, which pushed the boundaries in terms of taste. For the starters and mains one could tell that each ingredient was carefully selected e.g. the butter smooth foie gras was balanced with salty chewy abalone.

Starters and salads range between 45 – 150 AED, the majority of the main courses are between 150 -200 AED, and all desserts are 55 AED.

Wine List:
The wine list is rather small but the wines on offer were selected to complement the menu at Sea Fu. There is also a full cocktail list.

I loved the laid back chic vibe of Sea Fu and the beach front location is just perfect. I would recommend it for a romantic dinner.

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