It´s about the unfriendly Paris; Vive la Difference!

Of course we love French food, but are French waiters still as rude as they used to be? Here is the answer.

The myth of Tiramisu and where it all began

Tiramisu means, “Pull me up”. Meet Alba Campeol the 85-year-old lady who says she invented the Italian dessert.

Walking the wild side of Sierra Nevada mountains

sierra nevada
Sierra Nevada is the place to walk the wild side of Spain. We have exclusive guide for visiting charming white villages

The Young Nordic Star – with one Michelin Star

The food is light and refreshingly playful. Koka in Gothenburg deserves the first Michelin Star - and my ratings.

Big Picture of Iceland – the unique little island

Iceland's great treasure is the people, who are warm and friendly and heavily enjoy booze in the weekends. Learn more

There’s Something Cool about Vitoria-Gastein in Spain

A hidden gem and smaller than the more famous neighbors. Visit to Vitoria-Gasteiz in Spain.

Michelin Star Norbert Niederkofler on the highest level

Norbert Niederkofler
Tiny village, one single main street and two chefs collecting five famed stars is quite extraordinary. Head up to a gastronomic top in the spectacular Alps

See three unmissable photo-exhibitions in London

A catholic youth threatening police in Londonderry in 1971. Don’t miss these three photo-exhibitions

Manchester food by a Chef with outstanding ideas

Sometimes we have to admit that some food are as outstanding as the football made by two famous local clubs

Best Irish pub and the dry sense of humour

Best Irish pub
Irish pub with the warmest welcome in London. You have to leave the typical tourist area to find Auld Shillelagh. On the lash

It´s something about Lucca, Certainly Food and Locals

Visiting Italy, I´m reminded how wonderfully diverse the food is. But I´m as much happy to meet some locals of Lucca

Yoko Ono to Manchester with a message of peace

yoko ono
We have the line-up and exciting news about Manchester International Festival. One hot name is Yoko Ono
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