Free Events across London Eight Days a Week

free events
National Park City Festival in July. Don´t miss great activities and hundreds of free events across London for eight days

Suriname Jazz Festival takes stage in Paramaribo

suriname jazz festival
Jazz was extremely popular in the fifties and sixties in the previous century. Not only in Europe or North America but also in Suriname

Bob Marley, Reggae and a true taste of Jamaica

bob marley
Held in July every year, Reggae Sumfest continues in the spirit of legend Bob Marley. With music, heat, chaos and beauty

A perfect healthy holiday at Costa del Fitness

Epic Gym
Personal trainer, yoga, cross training, sea view and cocktail at sunset. No better place to get fit and healthy than on holiday.

English Horse Races: Not Just For The Sport

English Horse Races
Get ready for new season. Cheltenham and the Grand National have Ladies Day for dress up and race day hats

Come out of your shell at Galway Oyster Party

Galway Oyster
Galway, the perfect festival to make friends, eat oysters and dress as extravagantly as you dare

Måløy Raid Center; Mad Jack with Sword and Pipe

Måløy Raid Center
New War Attraction; Meet the British Colonel Jack Churchill, keen on raids, carrying bow and arrows, sword and bagpipe

Speakers Corner: Pick up a fight of free speech

Hear and be heard. Real protest, debate and symbol of democracy. Come on, pick a fight at Speakers Corner in London

Polar Bear Pitching at The Coolest Stage on Earth

Polar Bear Pitching is the coolest and literally an ice-breaking event, taking place in the frozen Baltic Sea in Finland

Look ahead to Chinese New Year – every year

chinese new year
Chinese New Year and Year of the Dog. Wear red and jade for luck, and join in of celebrations taking place across Britain

Lake Tahoe is the backdrop for serious romance

Lake Tahoe
If the question pops up, the answer is Tahoe South for a winter wedding with a scenic setting and forest gathering.

Best events going to happen in Britain every year

From traditional and tasty to cultured and quirky. We have the list of the most interesting events going on in 2018.