Kimchi means fermented vegetable but how it is made has changed drastically in recent times

LONDON: Vegan is the new food trend and Korean restaurants are on the rise serving Kimchi`s special flavour of sour taste.  But only two places in London are serving the fusion of vegan food from Italy and Korea; Vegan Yes Shoreditch in Brick Land and a tiny food stall at Nags Head, Holloway, North London.

Vegan chef Mauro and his wife Min have created different variations of Kimchi joining naturally occurring colours and pigments. Kimchi yellow, kimchi red, kimchi green and Kimchi viola – different colours to stimulate the palate, body and mind in different ways and to make Kimchi exciting for the newer generations.

“If this is a new trend, we started serving vegan pasta and vegan food 12 years ago”, Mauro De Luca explains. The Italian from Florence and his wife Min Chung Jeoung from South Korean met 30 years ago when she learned how to make Italian food.

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Kimchi history. Korean culinary traditions go beyond the border between North and South Korea.  Kimchi is an ancient food that has been enjoyed for thousands of years all over the Korean peninsula. There are many nutritional benefits to fermentation, a process that is used in a wide variety of Korean traditional seasonings and dishes. Beneficial bacteria are produced to help cleaning our body and gut. Kimchi was traditionally stored and fermented underground in pots called Onggi.

The Mia Mamma Foundation was founded in London and has several important remits aimed at creating individual independence through training of body and mind. These are lessons in self-healing, the promotion of Korean food and the organisation of cultural events. Mia Mamma and Dr. Min invites to grow independence through the training.

“In a multicultural city like London, we live next to or work with people from many different cultures but the deepest one ever gets to know another culture is first and foremost the food”, Min says after introducing unique vegan food in London.


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