King Goya has noticed Croatia in a personal way…

Zlatna penal, or Golden Pen in English, is an award for the best-written text about Croatia, and King Goya is nominated in the category for online travel magazines and blogs.

Personal style. “Our reasoning is that King Goya has noticed Croatia in a personal way, appealing and an inspiration to all happy travelers”, says Marija Bakovic, responsible for PR and Marketing at Croatia Tourist Office in Scandinavia.

The message came surprisingly to my inbox. Obviously all of our travel writers are proud of the nomination. King Goya is noticed – not only by a million readers but also by a National Tourist Organization. We write about destinations by journalistic principles and we will continue in the same direction.

Visit Zagreb. The Croatian Tourist Board has established the award Zlatna penkala (Golden Pen) for the best texts or radio and TV reports about Croatian tourism. All candidates will be awarded a 3-day stay in the capital Zagreb, while the winners in two categories will be awarded with “Golden Pen”.

Land of the pen. The additional value lies in the fact that Croatia is the birthplace of the pen. Namely, the inventor engineer Slavoljub Penkala who lived and worked in Zagreb, invented the first mechanical pencil in the World in 1906, and in 1907 invented the first fountain pen in the World.

Candidates for the award Zlatna penkala (Golden Pen) are nominated by the directors of offices of the Croatian tourist board abroad. All nominated media representative, journalists from significant markets, on this occasion will spend a few days in Croatia in June.

The award winners shall be decided by a special commission, which will consist of two representatives of the Croatian tourist board and president of the Croatian journalists’ society on the basis of nominations from offices of the Croatian tourist board.



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