An arty product made in small quantities

GASCONY: Armagnac is the oldest wine based eau-de-vie produced in southwest France, in the heart of Gascony.  Obtained from the distillation of white wine in an Armagnac alambic and put to age for many years in oak barrels before being sold, it comes as blends made from several eaux-de-vie from different harvests or as vintages that are specific to Armagnac.
Both the Armagnac terroirs and the production methods have to meet strict rules.

Above all, Armagnac is an arty product, made in small quantities by wine growers and producers, transformed of an age-old savoir-faire.  The diversity within the terroirs and grape varieties give this eau-de-vie a rich and diverse personality that is close to that of the men that make it.  There is not one Armagnac, but many Armagnac.

To understand the labels that decorate the bottles, it is necessary to know the diverse commercial denominations given to Armagnac depending on their length of ageing in wood. These references always correspond to the youngest eaux-de-vie in the blend. They are generally presented like this: 15 years old, 20 years, 30 years, etc.

Gastronomy. Using Armagnac in your cooking will make sure that your recipes will be very tasty. From a few drops of the Gascon eau-de-vie in a crepe batter to the more typical Gascon dishes.  A whole region of fabulous products to discover and so good paired together to surprise and delight your taste buds!
In Gascony with some excellent porc noir de Bigorre (old local pig breed) charcuterie, or with pan-fried foie gras.

Why not choose the easy option, with a fruit dessert: pear tart, lemon tart, and sorbets of many flavours or granite with a few raspberries.
And of course, Blanche Armagnac and chocolate make fabulous partners.  Choose a chocolate cake rich in cocoa but without bitterness. Dare to try it.


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