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Legend Stenmark opened Elan alpine ski museum

Seventy years of history, Elan changed development of skiing numerous of times

BEGUNJE, SLOVENIA: This is the World´s first alpine ski producer museum showcasing 70 years of history. To celebrate the opening Elan invited the Swedish skier Ingemark Stenmark (61) to open Elan Alpine Ski Museum and to commemorate a 16-year career of racing with Elan skis on the World Cup circuit. Legend Stenmark is the best of all time with a record 86 World Cup- wins.

Stenmark competed on Elan skies his entire career and some of them are on display, included the first pair Ingemar competed in WC races. “I remember them with fondness, having won several races with that pair”, the legendary said.

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Sporting history. With more than 70 years of history, Elan´s innovation have changed the development of skiing numerous of times. They were pioneers and the first commercial producer of skiing equipment. The museum is located in the factory at Begunje na Gorenjskem. Elan was founded in 1945 by the ski jumper Rudi Finzgar, a trend-setter from the very beginning. Perhaps one of the most important innovations of Elan was the first skis with a deep side-cut shape, also known as carving ski.

Past and future. Visitors can learn about the evolution of Elan ski technology, from yesterday’s wooden matchsticks to sleek alloys of tomorrow, as well as participate in interactive equipment simulations.

“The museum shows what we have done in the past and from where we get inspiration for the future”, ski division director Leon Korosee said.

Location. Museum is located in Begunje na Gorenjskem, inside of the Elan Sports shop. There is enough of parking space in front of the museum.
Nearby Draga Valley is the start point for numerous hikes in the Karavanke mountains.



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