Why I visit this city:
I love my country. Recife is one of the finest cities in Brazil, people are happy and always meet tourists with transparency.

The veach Boa Viagem

Where do you live? In Ålesund, Norway.

Here I grew up: I was born and grew up in Alianca – Pernambuco, Brazil

My early memory: I had wonderful experiences and years in Recife.

My romantic memory: It was in Recife I met my great love, Einar from Norway. All periods we have been together there have been very happy.

My favourite place to eat: Recife has many restaurants with quality food. For me the favourite dish is picanha. Every time I come to Recife, I visit the restaurant Guaiamun Setanejo . Here I find the best meat dishes. The restaurant is located near the port and beach of Piedade. Address: Avenida Beira Mar, 630

My favourite pub: UK Pub in Boa Viagem

For an evening out I call: I call friends because party is always better with friends.

My favourite shop: Shopping Center Recife, the best shopping center. You find everything you want to buy, plus a large number of restaurants with different varieties of food, including local food. Address: R. Padre Carapuceiro, 777 – Boa Viagem.

Taxi or other local transport: Always taxi

Keep away of: Walking on the beach or in some areas or streets late evenings or at night is not safe

At the moment: I plan next visit to Recife – once every year.

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