OSLO, NORWAY: If you never had the pleasure, make sure you visit The Broker next time in the Norwegian Capital. Not because this bar, or more a combination of bar and a gastro pub, is located in Bogstadveien, one of Oslo’s posh residential and shop-areas I was more taken with the astonishing fact they serve many locally produced spirits – and make some surprising cocktails.

the broker


Aquavit: Scandinavia is three countries of long winters and Aquavit. This strong spirit is served in small glasses as snaps along a meal. Not to be confused with schnapps, the German term refers to any kind of strong alcoholic drink. Norwegian Aquavit is matured in oak barrels and considers a higher quality compare with bottles in Sweden and Denmark.

Gin and Whiskey: The management behind The Broker produces their own brands, in particular the Aquavit Arvesølvet. Stig Bareksten is a former Norwegian barkeeper champ and Nordic champion in tasting whisky. After Bareksten and former editor Odd J. Nelvik acquired a Norwegian Distillery, now Gin and Whiskey are produced in Norway. Credit to both for bringing bars to a higher level. This country can deliver more than oil and world class skiers.

Selection: Audny is the first whisky made in Norway, named after a huge sailing ship delivered from a shipyard in Glasgow in 1899. In addition to all well-known brands, The Broker has 20 different kind of gin, a variety of exclusive Aquavit and beer from other countries. Most of the beer selection comes from small producers in Europe.

Cocktails and herbs. This year’s hottest cocktails come with added herbs – as well as berries and vegetables. No wonder, it’s a green year. If you mix Arvesølvet Aquavit with rhubarb syrup, basil, lemon and nutmeg, you will end up sipping The Broker’s best sold cocktail with the name Madonna. Additional greens in cocktails are cucumber, strawberry, mint, orange, ginger, apple, peach and carrots, to name a few from the vegetable market.

Food: The Broker is also a treat for lunch and dinner. The Chef is very proud of his hamburgers, with good reasons.

Order: The local favourite Madonna and Brokers Sherry Cobber, both cocktails based on the local Aquavit Arvesølvet.

Best for: Delicious hamburgers, Norwegian cocktails, meeting up with friends, pre drinks and late drinks.

Value for money: The Norwegian capital has displaced Tokyo as the world’s most expensive city. However, Cocktails at The Broker starts at 13 euro, not bad in this high cost country.

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