Sunday, December 8, 2019

Attractions in Costa Rica – Meet and greet the Ticos

Waterfall will not disappoint, not the Irazu volcano and beaches. But main attraction in Costa Rica are the locals, known as Ticos.

Argentina Contrast; Devil’s Throat and street Tango

I remember the thundering waters of Iguazu Falls, Patagonia´s glaciers and the elegant people of Bueno Aires

How to save money traveling – Nothing for free

The costs to travel really depends on your style and where you go. Sure, you can save money by traveling cheaply
Matchday London: Arsenal fans are blessed with a huge range of pubs and bars.
Of course we love French food, but are French waiters still as rude as they used to be? Here is the answer.
The dating industry is all about money – with a little help from long legged beauties. The reality may not be very romantic.

Guide to Inverness; Monster, Whisky and Castles

A guide to some of the most interesting places in the north of Scotland, including Inverness and all about the famous Monster

Belle Roscoe – Way to fame where music take us

Touring has been a major influence for their music. Meet Matty and Julia, the cool siblings in Belle Roscoe on direction to fame

All about King Goya – your media partner

King Goya deliver engaging content rapidly and professionally to an impressing amount of readers.

My City: Guangzhou, South of China

Carol is a travel writer and provides some local suggestions about Guangzhou – a foodie city.

Tijuana Murder Capital – This is how to stay Safe

Not for tourists! Tijuana is a city you should avoid to visit. This is the number one killing and murder city of the world

Måløy Raid Center; Mad Jack with Sword and Pipe

New War Attraction; Meet the British Colonel Jack Churchill, keen on raids, carrying bow and arrows, sword and bagpipe

The Brando; Godfather of all holiday islands

A new world standard. Tetiaroa in the French Polynesia is the Godfather of all islands. See pictures from The Brando.

Iskiah Spa and Natural Viagra at “La Dolce Sosta”

The oldest Spa and healthy minerals acting like a waterfall of avant-garde Viagra. But there are more than thermals and erotic to this new style island.

Favourite Tavira is no longer top-secret

For some Tavira has been a long time secret and favorited fishing town at Algarve, south of Portugal. Not any longer.

Cambridge is Up-to-date – but spooky, old and historic

Cambridge is historic and intellectual, but invasion of young professionals has changed the city. Mixed the old and the trendy.

More Japan – Southern resort of Okinawa

Relax on countless pristine beaches, letting time pass you by as you revel in the joy of sand dunes and sea in Okinawa

Rovinj is the Star attraction of Croatia

From hill town and lighthouse to truffle, Roman ruins and excellent food and wine. In Istria Rovinj is the elegant star

Launching Bags for the modern traveller

A new collection to meet the demands of today’s traveller, with urban and modern design. That´s what Thule had in mind.