Thursday, May 28, 2020

London Walks – Endless and Surprising

If you don´t know London, here is the Guide to a flavour of different districts. Find your kind of trek and let´s walking London

Dream now – Travel later. Keep on Dreaming!

We want to send a message and reminder to everyone around the world to keep dreaming. Dream now – travel later.

Help, I´m stranded on a Paradise Island!

Give this music artist a guitar, and he will survive at any island. Now “Smiley” has stranded under some palm trees in the Philippines.
Matchday London: Arsenal fans are blessed with a huge range of pubs and bars.
The dating industry is all about money – with a little help from long legged beauties. The reality may not be very romantic.
Of course we love French food, but are French waiters still as rude as they used to be? Here is the answer.

I enjoy Amsterdam – about beer, art and the good life

Amsterdam for food-lovers, to study masterpieces, visit brown cafés and meet the relaxed locals.

A touch of pure luxury hotel

Reporter Christine checked in at pure luxury Crown Promenade in Melbourne – and came out of the hotel after an enjoyable stay

Argentina Contrast; Devil’s Throat and street Tango

I remember the thundering waters of Iguazu Falls, Patagonia´s glaciers and the elegant people of Bueno Aires

The ultimate Sunday Roast served in Spain

Meaty Sunday. We found the place to go if you want an excellent home cooked roast – on a sunny Sunday in Spain

Opera, skating and ski jump in Winter Oslo

Winter attractions in Oslo. Don’t forget the famous Holmenkollen Ski Jump and the top deck with panoramic views.

Måløy Raid Center; Mad Jack Churchill with Sword and Pipe

New War Attraction; Meet the British Captain Jack Churchill, keen on raids, carrying bow and arrows, sword and bagpipe

The Brando; Godfather of all holiday islands

A new world standard. Tetiaroa in the French Polynesia is the Godfather of all islands. See pictures from The Brando.

Iskiah Spa and Natural Viagra at “La Dolce Sosta”

The oldest Spa and healthy minerals acting like a waterfall of avant-garde Viagra. But there are more than thermals and erotic to this new style island.

Epic White Party makes you stay fit and in shape

In shape and dressed up for Epic White Party in Benalmadena - with the fittest party-crowd on Costa del Sol

Tour of winery Pares Balta south of Barcelona

Spain: Winery reveals surprising places in the Penedès region and invites you to enjoy tour and taste some of their wines. 

Hotel with the view and striking art collection

Most likely you will let your gaze fly over the lake, feel the landscape, feel the fresh air on a sunny summer night.

Garlic Festival – one of niche festivals in England

Food Festival: From all-out foodie extravaganzas, to niche knees-ups like the Isle of Wight’s Garlic Festival.

Midsummer in Dalarna – a place to visit before you die

Midsummer is a huge deal across Sweden with people getting together. We joined the tradition and raised a Maypole in Dalarna