Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Apsley House is «Number 1, London»

This palace remains much as it was in the time of the first Duke of Wellington, and with its collection of art intact.

New Negroni from Ischia – Stir Not Shake!

Always something new and tasty from the sunny life in Ischia. Meet Valeria, the woman behind the new and appetising Iskian Negroni.

50 Things To Do In London

From nightlife to glory past - Castles to Arts, comedy, pubs and food. Meet up with the proud locals and explore fifty things to do in London.
Matchday London: Arsenal fans are blessed with a huge range of pubs and bars.
The dating industry is all about money – with a little help from long legged beauties. The reality may not be very romantic.
Of course we love French food, but are French waiters still as rude as they used to be? Here is the answer.

One Night in Bangkok and Never insult a Thai

Some makes bigger mistakes than others. Here are excellent advices from an expert in Bangkok.

Africa; Magical Kenyan Safari at Saruni Mara

In the Maasai language Saruni means tranquil. This perfectly describes the camp you can feel totally alone in the wild!

More Japan – Southern resort of Okinawa

Relax on countless pristine beaches, letting time pass you by as you revel in the joy of sand dunes and sea in Okinawa

East of Nice to discover the best beyond the beach

French Riviera is the ultimate in posh and sophistication. You can find tasty food and low-cost if you head East of Nice.

Montreux; Santa flew over Lake Leman

Ho, ho, ho! Santa sights the world and with reindeers he “flew” over Lake Geneva and the renowned Christmas Markets of Montreux.

Måløy Raid Center; Mad Jack Churchill with Sword and Pipe

New War Attraction; Meet the British Captain Jack Churchill, keen on raids, carrying bow and arrows, sword and bagpipe

The Brando; Godfather of all holiday islands

A new world standard. Tetiaroa in the French Polynesia is the Godfather of all islands. See pictures from The Brando.

Iskiah Spa and Natural Viagra at “La Dolce Sosta”

The oldest Spa and healthy minerals acting like a waterfall of avant-garde Viagra. But there are more than thermals and erotic to this new style island.

Jane Austen Festival bigger than ever

It´s more than 200 years since author Jane Austen’s death, but her Festival in Bath turns out to be bigger than ever before!

Shangri-La Tokyo and a fusion of old and new

The Shangri-La goes all the way up and bedrooms feature floor length windows over-looking Tokyo’s impressive skyline.

Places to visit on Isle of Wight – England in Miniature

Located off the south coast, the Isle of Wight is sometimes described as ‘England in Miniature’. Here is our Guide.

Guggenheim Bilbao celebrates all the art

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao announces an extraordinary event to celebrate its 20th Anniversary with the citizens

Hilton Rasj Al Khaimah with seven swimming pools

New hotel, garden restaurant, Lounge and Pool Bar. A Hilton hotel in UAE with fitness center and two tennis courts.