BRAZIL: Forget Copacabana. Welcome to paradise!

Brazil can put forward a few candidates for the world’s best beaches. Here is our selection of some of the most perfect beaches in North Brazil. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder – you might rate pebbles over palms and surfing over sandcastles. It is not about Bora Bora or Brighton and not about a strip of sand to put down your towel. It is about the complete beauty, clean water, tropical wonderland and a place to share the idyll with others.

You might not hear about beach-names such as Praia da Ponta de Serrambi, a five kilometre-long beach between Recife and Porto de Galinhas. Or Babo do SantoBeach, Pontal de Maracaipe in Ipojacu, Praia de Suape, Praia de Gaibu and the most beautiful of them all. Praia de Calhetas, only 150meter long but in beautiful surroundings made by Mother Nature and the clean and crystal clear sea.

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Surfer’s coast. South from Recife is a classic beachcomber’s and surfer’s coast and some of the bluest waters and turquoise-and-white beaches you’ll ever see, along miles of palm trees. So far they are not of the World’s Best-Beach overview, normally made by marketing people at Trip Advisor, never been to any of the beaches they are writing about. However, in Brazil beaches in the state of Pernambuco are some of the most popular. I am sure fame will reach this Paradise of natural pools.

Facts Northeast Brazil
Pernambuco, state in Northeast Brazil. Has a coastline with 116 miles of beaches with clear, warm waters.
Located by the Equator guarantees sunshine throughout the year, with average temperatures of 26 C (79 F).
Recife, main city with a modern airport and hospitality services.

Getting there
Many travellers arrive in Brazil’s northeast via Salvador served from Gatwick via Madrid by Air Europe, from Heathrow via Lisbon by TAP Portugal and by TAM from Heathrow via Sao Paulo. TAP also serves Recife’s Guararapes International Airport (REC) and Natal’s Augusto Severo International Airport (NAT) via Lisbon. Condor serves from Frankfurt, Germany to Recife, Natal and Fortaleza. TAM serves from New York and Miami, USA, to Recife.

For travel within the region, try Brazilian airlines such as TAM, GOL and Azul.
For shorter hauls, use Brazil’s network of comfortable short- and long-distance buses, available on the website Busca Onibus (


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