This is a true Brazilian paradise – Pipa satisfies all the senses

PRAIA DE PIPA, BRAZIL: Wild beaches, Posadas, good restaurants and a charm of a fishing village focused on modernity and visited by wealthy guests – this is Pipa. This was a small hippie and fishing village until surfers and backpackers discovered it in the 1970s, now popular among people from Europe and South America, in fact this is the most cosmopolitan beach-village along this coast. The original hippies have long time ago left the village.

During the high season in December to February, this is the place to party. Rest of the year life is rather slow, except for the weekends. It’s as it always has been – in Pipa life still comes in waves.

Always warm. Pipa has crystal-clear waters, areas of preservation of the Atlantic forest, tall cliffs, dreamy lagoons, and white sand on semi-deserted beaches, shops, vibrant nightlife and friendly locals. There are dolphins in the sea, and the ecological shelter in Pipa, guardians of the Dolphin’s Bay, where one can only reach on foot or by boat. Pipa is one of Brazil’s magical destinations with a constant cooling sea breeze and warm temperatures year around.

Praia de Pipa. Pipa is located south of Natal, the capital city of the state Rio Grande do Norte; in the municipality of Tibau do Sul. A single road runs through Pipa following the coast. The only way to lose your way or manage to get lost is for those who want to. Upon arrival you meet beaches, impressive cliffs, sand dunes, huge coconut trees and natural pools. Here a true Brazilian paradise exists.

The Nightlife. Hanging out on small and cozy cobblestone streets is almost like being on a world tour with vibrant tastes and colours by people of various nations. If you like people watch, just find a bar or a spot on the street. Later on people head on to nightclubs where the beautiful people meet to dance and flirt. Pipa satisfies all the senses.

For nightlife try Boate dos Calangos, open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Here the music is forrò, reggae and rock. Anima Pipa is another good nightclub.

The Food. I haven’t been to all restaurants in Pipa, but I noticed an international cuisine among many of the 50 restaurants and always fresh fish from the sea on the menu. Try the 7-course testing menu at Carnamo, but book a table and be prepared for exotic drinks upon arrival. I felt everyone had a good time, whether they was out for a quiet night or something more upbeat. Pipa has all options to keep guests happy.
At the top end is Pacifico and Tapas, both are located just off the main street. The signature dish at Tapas is the tuna with sweet soy sauce, whilst the Carpaccio we tasted in Pacifico was frankly sublime. Neither of these places are the cheapest in town. The Coconut Bar at the far end of Praia de Pipa is perfect for a romantic dinner.
Other good places to eat: Cruzeiro de Pescador, Pizzaria dell´Italiano and Pane Vino

Latino atmosphere. Whichever beach you choose to visit you will be assured of plenty of space. Pipa regularly is voted as one of Brazil’s top 10 beach destinations and as such attracts plenty of interest from its own population creating a genuine laid back Latino atmosphere.

San Sebastian is the main beach and the one where you will find the most bars and restaurants. Boat trips depart from the northern end of the beach. It is also benefits from direct access from the village without having to negotiate the cliffs. Here you will find the calmest water and therefore it is the most family orientated of the four beaches. At the far southern end you will find The Coconut Bar, which is an outstanding spot for a few sundowners.

Dune buggy. If you came to Pipa in search of intense experiences, a dune buggy ride is not to be missed. Lightweight and open-air with custom-designed tires for sandy surfaces, the dune buggy offers the ultimate interactive ride and the purest satisfaction. Vehicles are kept up to standards and all of the guides are bilingual and specifically trained.

Blessing. Pipa is cosmopolitan and full of life where the nights require a lot of energy because it last at least until the sun rises. Holiday in Pipa can be some unforgettable days of leisure and entertainment, or simple rest and peace – under the blessing of Saint Sebastian, protector of the place. You will find San Sebastian in the sea all year around – waiting for the next wave.


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