Santa came and saved his lovers and seasonal fans

BAHRAIN: “Halleluiah”, the original chronicles tell of three wise men coming from the east bearing gifts! At the Ritz Carlton Bahrain I met Vicky, Louise and Kate coming from the eastern province of Saudi Arabia bearing thoughtful gifts! The three belles toil in Aramco Oil Company all week long, but save Bahrain for La Joie de Vivre!

Ritz Carlton. We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen so we go the Sacred Credo of the Ritz Carlton commitment to excellence worldwide.

I was Lucky to visit and inspect some of the Ivy League hospitality lodges around The globe. The Mandarin in Kula Lumpur, the New York Waldorf Astoria and The Beverly Hills Wilshire classic hotel in Los Angeles. Movie fans regard the Wilshire Hotel as the shrine where Julia Roberts made her bones in the Pretty Woman saga. The Ritz Carlton in Bahrain has a distinctive taste, style and aroma.

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I was lured to tour the property looking for fancy shots to match the Christmas spirit and aura. Gregory Laguesse, the Public Relations director escorted me on a fantasy spin of the iconic Ritz and told me an interesting story.

In 2004 the Arab Summit was scheduled to be held in Bahrain. To host the dignitary kings, presidents and leaders of the Arab World, 23 Caribbean style bungalows were built overlooking the idyllic Manama bay. Those fabulous lodges complement the hotel capacity of 245 luxury guest rooms, which attract visitors from the GCC states year round. The waiting list to join the state of the art health club, recreational facilities and spa is exhausting.

The Ritz is not only a safe haven for celebrities and trendsetters of the world but it is also a magnet for extravagant weddings, pricey concerts and think-tank intelligentsia. The Plums eatery offers the most exclusive cuisine in the Island. Sabine, the Austrian gourmet connoisseur, introduced me to the juicy wagyu beef Steak exclusively imported all the way from Japan. The French Chef Yann Lejard can create sensational dishes once he gets the perfect white truffles served with medium well wagyu seared in teriyaki sauce. He received his basic culinary schooling in Michelin 3 star-studded gourmet restaurants like the Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee in Paris and the Heinz Winkler in Germany. Now He enjoys living in Bahrain since he reunited with his dog named “Bocuse”!

30 nationalities. Soufiane Elallam, the Moroccan director of Sales & Marketing, invited me to enjoy the Christmas jingles performed by the Ritz staff choir at the festive lobby. Large crowds of the hotel guests, families and children gathered to participate in the casual fun created by staff members who belong to 30 nationalities. In the cool breeze of the afternoon you can take a motorboat and tour the Bahrain Fort and museum. If you decide to visit The Bahrain Financial Harbor it will take you 10 minutes to reach that monetary lodge that houses assets of $200 billion dollars.

The King. Bahrain celebrates its National Day on 16th December every year. In the evening the city buildings, trees and landmarks are glittering with rainbow colors. Sparkling fireworks in the dark skies attract families, expats and visitors as well. On December 14, 2014 King Hamad Bin Essa Al-Khalifa inaugurated the House Of Parliament, which will support Bahrain quest for growth & development in turbulent times.

The gradual decline in oil prices is creating shocks in the GCC region. The Gulf States rely significantly on the revenues of the black gold threatened by world Conflicts, tensions and OPEC constant interference. It is speculated that growth will be slow, but outbound travel will follow pattern if Santa did not apply his magic to save his lovers & seasonal fans as well!


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