NORWAY: Denmark has The Little Mermaid displayed on a rock by the waterside at the Langeline promenade in Copenhagen – this bronze statue has for decade been a major tourist attraction since 1913. A bit further north in Scandinavia, the smiling young mermaid Charlotte (21), is a local attraction in Norway.

This summer Charlotte has been in her own category of attractions, placed on a rock at a popular beach in Moss, expecting the hot summer. Summer in Norway is rather short, it’s all about to be there when the heath arrive. That’s why hordes of Norwegians  to places like Spain, Croatia and Greece during the holiday season.

Dreaming of Maldives. Charlotte don’t fly any place this summer, she is working at a shopping mall. But she is constantly dreaming of a week or two on the islands of Maldives – or visit to a small village on one of those dreamy and romantic Greek islands eating the never-ending tavern lunch – a place where the food is even better than the beaches.

“A deserted beach on the Maldives sounds romantic. But in the future I’m actually dreaming of a small farm in the forest”, Charlotte Johansen let us know. This unexpected statement indicates the smiling Mermaid soon is leaving the rock.


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