Program for the Elvis Festival

MÅLØY, FESTIVAL AUGUST: In Måløy, people are proud of being able to launch an Elvis festival that will turn the entire town upside down. There will be celebration here and it will be done in a big way and in a way that Elvis would probably be proud of. This is the second time the Festival is being held here. Below is the programme of the events that will take place during 13th to 15th August.

“How Great Thou Art”
The Festival will start on Thursday, with the music that was closest to Elvis’ heart. When Elvis wanted to relax or sing with friends, it was always gospel that was chosen. Therefore, the festival will start with the church concert, “How Great Thou Art” in Måløy Church, with nine soloists together with Sideshow Bob and choir. The church concert will be a big experience with a fantastic programme.

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Pictures by Tore Skaar

“Follow That Dream”
FRIDAY 14th AUGUST: Friday’s show in the “Graceland” Festival Tent will give you the main performance, “Follow That Dream”, and five mini-shows with various musicians known from the Elvis environment in Norway and abroad, together with Side Show Bob, OI´MacDonalds, TC Morgan Band, Seven Days Wonder and C Studio Dance Company. We think this will be a performance the public will like.

“From Madison Square Garden to Måløy”
Saturday’s main show in the Elvis Festival Tent will be “Graceland”, which is based on Elvis´ original show from Madison Square Garden. A grand Elvis show that will give the feeling of what a genuine Elvis show was like. We have called the show in Måløy “From Madison Square Garden to Måløy”, and there will be five mini-shows with various musicians known from the Elvis environment in Norway and abroad – together with Elvis Sideshow Bob, OI´MacDonalds, TC Morgan Band and Seven Days Wonder.

“Elvis show on stages in the Town Centre”
No fewer than three stages will be set up in the centre of Måløy. On both Friday and Saturday, concerts will be performed on the stages throughout the day. On both days the Elvis musicians want to fill the town with his fantastic music. The “Graceland” Festival Tent will offer the Festival Restaurant which will stay open late on Friday and Saturday.

“Elvis Parade”
All the Elvis musicians will join in the Elvis Parade through the town’s parade street, which for this event will be renamed “Elvis Presley Boulevard”. For many people this will be a very big experience.

“Elvis Presley Boulevard”
Along the entire “Elvis Presley Boulevard” there will be Norwegian and American flags flying from shops and elsewhere. The shops will have exhibitions with themes about Elvis and the Festival. “Elvis Presley Boulevard” will be a walking street and you will be able to sit at a roadside cafe and listen to the wonderful Elvis music without being disturbed by cars.

Am-Car Exhibition and Parade
The Elvis Festival will have its own Am-Car Exhibition and Parade. This year, the Exhibition will be very special, because Elvis´ Cadillac, a Deville from 1959, will be both in the Exhibition and the Parade. The car is equipped with 68 shining diamonds set into each bumper. It has a mass of chrome, both externally and in the engine.

Cinema. The Måløy Cinema will show the Elvis films, “Blue Hawaii” and “Jailhouse Rock”.

Come to Måløy. For information on how to get to Måløy, contact: [email protected] or see our website The Elvis Festival.

Måløy wishes to welcome you to a special experience!
The entire town will join in the celebration, and shops will stay open till late with Elvis exhibitions and atmosphere. There will be a festival harbour for boats and extra parking space in the town centre.

You can follow the Elvis Festival in Måløy on the following sites:

Welcome to a festival you won’t forget, an holiday for the whole family!


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