My City: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
My name: Nina Huse
Born: 1979

UBUD: I have been to so many wonderful countries, cities and places, searching for culture, adventure, nature and beauty in every place. In my latest visit to Asia I traveled solo as a backpacker and Ubud has everything I want and even more, I cannot wait to go back again and explore Ubud and its surroundings.
Ubud is Bali´s culture heart, a traditional country town located in the cool mountains and one of those places where days can become weeks and weeks become months.

Where do you live? I own an apartment in Oslo, Norway I rent out so I can carry on traveling the world.

Why I love Ubud: First of all I love the hindu culture. The streets of Ubud is decorated with beautiful and large ornaments that makes the busy streets quite different from anywhere else I have ever been. Outside shops and houses they put out small offerings to the Gods containing a piece of food, flowers and scented sticks that makes the streets of Ubud so cute and with a nice smell as well. The doorways has an unique architecture with straight stone or concrete walls on each side and is carved or decorated beautifully. The people are so nice and welcoming and the atmosphere is so relaxed. It has a good balance of city and nature, and the surroundings of this small city has lot`s to offer. Many travel here to do yoga and meditate and you can feel a sense of zen here indeed.

Best of Ubud: Ubud is located almost in the centre of Bali making it an excellent origin to to what the Island has to offer. Here you can go to the amazing rice terraces, you can visit stunning waterfalls and climb volcanoes. You can eat vegetarian, vegan, local and western foods. There are countless tempels to see, a monkey forrest that can not be missed and a stunning countryside with is great to explore on a bike or a scooter.

My favorite memory: Getting up in the middle of the night to climb Batour volcano. With head torches and good shoes the climb up is steep and challenging. You can barely see the path in front of you and you need some support from your group or guide along the way. Getting to the top is the best feeling and you get to watch the sunrise from above the clouds. I will never forget this experience.

My favorite place to eat: I honestly don´t know since I have only been there for a few weeks and I can`t remember the name of the places I ate, but trip advisor is a guide I have been using a lot when I travel so much.

What do you eat there? Indonesia has one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world and contains over 300 ethnic groups and foreign influence making it one of the most interesting cuisine for me. In Ubud itself, vegetarian and vegan food is most popular and it tastes amazing.

Typical local food? Nasi Goreng, Soto and satay is very common and highly recommended by the locals.

Best place for a date? I have to say Monkey Forest! It is so beautiful and large and there are hundreds of monkeys that are so cute. It feels like you are in a rainforest with rivers and huge trees.

My favorite shop: I really loved going to the market place. There are so many small and cute stores that offers great yoga clothing and comfy items, I loved the arts and crafts at the market and I am so sad that as a backpacker I can`t really buy anything, but here I had to shop and then I had to give something away to.

My best advise: Make sure you have enough time to explore all the things you can do here. I stayed so much longer what I planned because how wonderful Ubud and Bali is.

Transportation: In Ubud so many rent scooters to get around. Bikes are also an option but the traffic and distanses makes it hard to get around. The local taxis are cheap and they sit on every corner. Avoid them in rush hour cause it is a totall stand still.

Why I travel: I am so lucky to have the opportunity to travel the world. The feeling of having a one way ticket is out of this world, and to wake up every day to explore new countries, citys, places and going on adventures is the best feeling ever.

Where next? I have a one way ticket for Norway to Mexico, and I am going to backpack solo for 8 months in all of Central & South America.

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