Palais Namaskar the ultimate escape

MARRAKECH, MOROCCO: Palais Namaskar is the newest jewel in the crown of the luxury hotel group ‘The Oetker Collection’. This ultra opulent hotel prides itself on its beautiful design and the peace and privacy it provides its guests. From the moment we arrived in Marrakech we were treated like celebrities and welcomed into the lap of luxury.

Location: Palais Namaskar offers the ultimate escape from the chaos of everyday life. Located a 20 minute drive away from the bustling souks of Marrakech, Palais Namaskar is advertised as being a destination in itself and there were no truer words, as soon as we arrived there we never wanted to leave! If you do wish to go into the city center the hotel offers complimentary limousine transfers, and incredibly the cars have wifi!

Style: The man behind the stunning architecture of Palais Namaskar is French- Algerian designer Imaad Rahmouni, former associate of the legendary Philippe Starck. Shimmering shallow pools and lush greenery show off the Feng-Shui principles that the hotel was built on. The exotic Moorish atmosphere is complete by the flickering lanterns that line the walkways. This hotel is a perfect getaway for couples looking to escape their busy lives.

Room: There are 41 rooms, suites, villas, and palaces all spread out allowing guests to feel they are in their own private sanctuary. When we visited we stayed in a junior suite that had two balconies, one over looking the Atlas Mountains in the distance and the other with a hot tub that was perfect for watching the sun go down. The best part of the room was the incredible amount of space; it felt like we had our own apartment.

Dining: The main restaurant serves a variety of French, Thai, and Moroccan cuisine. All of the food is sourced with Namaskar’s ‘Earth & Health’ concept, which is 100% organic food that is locally sourced. We tried out the Moroccan tasting menu which I would highly recommend as it had a number of traditional Moroccan dishes.

Facilities: We never managed to try the spa but Palais Namaskar offers many treatments including personalized massages. There is also a fitness center with training from elite athletes as well as travelling experts in disciplines such as Shiatsu and Thai Boxing.

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