ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND: Take it from a certified globetrotter, never travel to Zermatt! Many people will be healed from severe hepatitis, but you will never recover from the magic Spell of Zermattitus. It is not only the massive sharp peaks of the majestic Matterhorn that will dazzle your feeble senses, but the Valais canton is endowed with a supernatural blend of terra, flora and fauna managed by Resilient human talents and charm. En route to the Gornergrat Gourmet Excursion you will encounter a black-nose sheep herd nibbling on the wet, fresh grass of the sleepy meadows. The unsuspecting merry corderos will be served spicy and sizzling at the Riffelberg restaurant for dinner. The rich dairy produce from the spoiled helvetique cows have substantially Contributed to the enticing fondue and raclette delicacies brewed from la Gruyere and emmental locally flavored cheese.

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Helmut Biner, the ecology expert guide (he got the features of a Renaissance Scholar), exposed to us a striking revelation. In bygone millennia the tectonic shifting of earth has helped forming the Alpine mountain chain. By amazing grace the supporting lava flowed all the way from continental Africa to land in the promised Valais basin enhancing shaping the arduous chain of the Pennine Alps.

At midway in the mountains our last stop was at Alphitta cottage restaurant Managed by Crazy Fredy! A cozy Swiss chalet that represents a classic hunting Lodge were preserved trophies of fox, eagles and wild deer are on display. Fredy served us a sensational apple strudel pie laced with cinnamon, vanilla ice and, shredded pistachio flakes.

The range of hospitality services offered by Zermatt Resorts is peerless. From intimate lodges to perfect transport networks and from Casual cafés to breathtaking mountain trails. I was genuinely impressed by the Presence of a friendly St. Bernard canine who occupied center stage at the gala Dinner held at the classic grand hotel Zermatterhof.

Maurus Lauber, head of the Swiss transport system briefly highlighted the successive endeavors to offering a Competitive multiple travel options to current and potential visitors to the Swiss Cantons and the European Union at large. Cheerful Janine Imesch, director of marketing at Zermatt spared no effort inspiring the crew of international media Delegates who assembled from four corners of the planet to savor the wonders Of the Alps. Images of the epical 1965 movie “The Sound of Music” will flicker Into your memory lane when you spot the horse buggy shuttling jovial tourists and winter sport athletes.

Juerg Schmid, CEO of Switzerland Tourism entertained a contingent of 140 international media representatives who were summoned to explore the mysteries of Zermatt resort for two nights.

“On top of The Mountains we develop clearer thoughts and enjoy a unique perspective.” Those were the opening lines of the chief of tourismus who masterminds the National tourism promotion plan for the prosperous land that flows chocolate, Cheese and honey.

At the Sunnegga (sunny corner) peak we were invited to Marvel at the mighty Matterhorn by night. The tasty raclette fromage was just the tip of the iceberg. Next year Zermatt will celebrate the 150th jubilee of the ascent of Edward Whymper and his team to conquer Matterhorn on July 14, 1865. Since that day the mystique of the peak is irresistible!!

The world economic forum convenes every year in Davos and issues the travel And tourism competitiveness report that listed Switzerland as the premium World travel destination for 2014. The Swiss has monopolized that rank for the last decade. In Dubai, Matthias Albrecht, regional director for the GCC encouraged me to Explore the rugged life style of the Alps through the silver peak of the Matterhorn That shines at every sunrise. It is evident that the solid mountains, the soft snow and the rich soil coupled with crisp rain have contributed to the professional skills and moral values of the Zermattos! (I hope they like it).

When we broken heart departed to resume the post convention tours to Geneva, Zurich and Ticino we definitely suffered from one common symptom, Zermattitus!

Text by Yahya Kader, Hospitality Media Consultant, Bahrain


  1. Dr. Yehia Kader
    Really a nice artikel. Switzerland is beautiful. Zermatt is a great destination to visit! I do feel out of your text how you enjoyed lovely nature!
    All we do have to do is: Keep the world clean! So many more generations can enjoy too.
    Wish you all the best.
    Khaled Abdoun
    Zurich, Switzerland


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