Welcome to King Goya!

I am a professional journalist and photographer with experience from newspapers, weekly magazines and online media.

In 2014 I launched King Goya travel magazine in English and Norwegian. The core idea is to share experiences and to provide inspiration, advice and information to you as a traveller. Stick with us and you will find the inspiration you need to start planning a trip or holiday.

We explore destinations as well as write about destinations, resorts, food, culture & events and let you know interesting people we have met. So, sit back and get ready to explore.

King Goya will always give honest opinion about destinations, travel products and services. However, our articles include personal experience and opinion and we cannot be responsible if you do not have the same experience.

Gudmund Lindbaek
Editor/Publisher King Goya

Goya Media Ltd.
United Kingdom

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Travel in the Sky
Marketing Cooperation King Goya and Reiseperler.com Travelblog
Contact Jeanette Mysen Wilhelmsen, Oslo, Norway, for invitation press trips, content marketing and advertisement.
T: +47 905 09614
E: jmwnamwag@gmail.com

Travel in the Sky – a true and genuine universe
Reiseperler and King Goya work as a team! We reach a larger audience – both in Norway and across many countries. As a team we are powerful and genuine. We are Travel in the Sky!

Reiseperler.com: Ms Jeanette Mysen Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian publisher and bring out her travel-blog Reiseperler. Travel is an important part of her life and she is on the move to visit new places and cultures. Above all, Jeanette is active on social media; Facebook, Instagram and Snap. Jeanette is an influencer followed by thousands. Reiseperler is published in Norwegian and provides all the modern technical tools.

King Goya is an online travel magazine in Norwegian and English by professional journalists and photographers. King Goya has a positive profile, always searching the best story, meets exciting people and inspires people for next trip and vacation. During the year 2017, King Goya reached more than 5 million visits, mainly English speaking audience. Mr Gudmund Lindbaek is the publisher and experienced journalist. Have a view on Kinggoya.com and Kinggoya.no

Travel in the Sky: We don´t believe that one size fits all, but together we create exclusive and bespoken editorial content and distribute marketing. Readers and followers find facts and information with links to company and product. Getting people reading, talking, liking and trending is what we do well. The advantage is that readers already have confidence in King Goya and Reiseperler.

We deliver: Unique and engaging travel stories and travel blogs, video and photo as well as live updates on social media. We publish links and ads, and basically we say yes to organised press trips. We are also associated with experts who deliver live videos and storytelling.

Expense: In terms of marketing, advertising, distribution of editorial content and content marketing we can match any media. Understanding the media landscape is the heart of what we do. After all, creating great content is one thing but knowing how to get it seen is quite another. It´s a job and we are experts. As a team, we reach out to a large, high-end and selected audience.

For more information on what we offer and how we can support your business, please contact Ms Jeanette Mysen Wilhelmsen. Because Travel in the Sky is real and genuine!