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Stay updated with more than 200 tips and travel advice. And keep up with Ross “The Piper”

We travel the world for holiday and long break and a special trip to explore this wonderful world. Some are out there as backpackers on low budget, other has more money and require higher standard and service. Either way, our travel advice can help you on your next adventure.

King Goya’s professional journalists and photographers have been out and about traveling for years. We know how to navigate, but we don’t know everything. Here are our best travel tips and advice, often based on mistakes. You are free to follow our idea and advice for a next journey. It’s easy to find the information you need to plan a trip and avoid problems.

“I can see it as a fun way of sharing a bit of my culture, a great way to make people smile and in general, a bit of an adventure facilitator!”

These words come from Ross Jennings who is piping the world. He don’t collect countries, don’t follow a bucket list and don’t require gorilla stalking in Africa. Ross is simply a bag piper and a true traveller.

Whatever reason, the world is waiting for you. A good start is to follow Ross Jennings story and advice. He has been to more than 100 places around the world and always has something in the pipeline.

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