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We all search for Cheap Flights – Learn some tricks

Book on a Tuesday..? Well, if life was that easy I would follow this magic advice

Finding the best travel deal is a matter of timing. It could be on a Tuesday as it likely to be on offer any day of the week. In order to get cheap flights for your next holiday or a long planned trip to the other side of the world, you have to act quickly. You might have to jump on the plane tomorrow. Or plan well ahead.

Cheap Flights

Find a deal

#1 You have to realise that deals are happening all the time. Most deals are for months in the future. Good, that will give you plenty of time to plan your trip. Online providers with cheap deals on offer includes,, Momondo or let find the best price. Or you can go direct to an arline and check prices. You have a job to do before any take-off.

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More than price

#2 And air ticket is more than price to travel from A to B. Before you decide and pay, take a closer look at the timing for departure. Overseas airline tend to have departure late evening, but not always. Have a look if time for departure is before or right after midnight and then look at the actual date for take-off.

Still possible

#3 The glory days of very cheap flights are a thing of the past. Finding cheap deals on flights are still much possible. The low-budget airlines have a monopoly on short haul flights within Europe. However, the prices have been increasing over the years. The cheapest price to Europe from other areas are more difficult to come by. I book my tickets with, a low-price airline operating between Far East, Argentina and the US from Europe.

Let´s book

#4 Remember, there is no one best online booking website. All the websites have strengths and weaknesses, search different site before you book a flight. Here are some websites I use for my journeys.
If you are based in USA, The Flight Deal is a resource for finding cheap flights.
Secret Flying is a flight website based in Europe. And not so secret any more…
Book direct from European companies and Ryanair

Subscribe of newsletters and don´t miss any flight deals. However, getting lots of mails from too many providers can make you confused. Don´t forget to unsubscribe.

Be flexible

#5 August is the month I´m off traveling in Europe. The reason; Most of the European countries have their summer holiday in August. Moreover, many want to somewhere warm in the winter. Don´t travel when kids are out of school. The high seasons are July/August, Christmas/New Year and schools week of winter break. Be flexible with destinations, day and time for departure and you can save hundreds of euro, dollar and pounds.

cheap flights
Summer on the West Coast of Sweden

Lot of Myths

#6 There is no magic about finding a cheap flight, but lot of myths about booking online. Such a myth is saying, without any evidence, that searching incognito leads to cheaper deals. Don´t even think about an exact date or time period to book the lowest priced ticket. You cannot predict airline prices. So, what about booking on a Tuesday? It´s always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend. And Tuesdays are almost midweek – every week.

Share in the Air

#7 The best things in life were made to be shared. So if you know somebody who’d enjoy our travel advice and quality journalism, you are free to share. Thank You!

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Gudmund Lindbaek
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