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How to plan a trip and the money you need

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

We are not able to deliver all answers needed to your trip and holiday – from planning to a return back home. But research is part of daily life and work for a journalist and our advice are updated. Sorry, we don´t believe in all the boast and nice words made for sale by the travel industry. Moreover, we are able to see the link between price and quality. We do our best to provide advice, but it´s up to plan a trip best possible.

At The Faroe Islands; Flock of geese standing on grass

Research online

#1 All my best advice and ideas comes from research online. As professionals we also attend Travel Markets to get news and inspiration. An idea is to create album for each destination and collect all photos and information. There has never been only one way forward, but you could learn from solo travellers where to go. Back-packers tend to find the cheapest places to eat and to stay, while most of us demands more quality and service.

You get what you Pay

#2 Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, is a worthy remark. Away from that, you get what you pay and don´t believe everything what young bloggers writes and twittering. A nice picture on Instagram is just what it´s meant to be – a nice picture and no more. Some bloggers are paid to write rather sweet about a shabby hotel or even a destination. Personally, I believe less than half of what´s declared by players like Trip Adviser.

Stay home or travel?

#3 The secret of bringing plans ahead is getting started. From here it´s up to you where to go and to make the research and get answers to all questions. But plan a trip is a great motivation and exciting part of your journey. If you don´t know where to start to plan your trip, I think you should stay at home and do more research. And grow up a bit more, get more life experience before you leave home. Alternatively, get help from professionals in your area.

Where and When?

#4 Firstly, plan where to travel. Great, you made an important decision. You should consider not only where to go, but as important is when to travel. You don´t travel to Scandinavia in December – March if you hate snow, cold weather and winter. And you should avoid visiting Dubai when this city is boiling – from May to October. Visit Google and check the local weather at any time of the year.

Travel by yourself

#5 It´s a cliché, but it´s true; You learn a lot about yourself by traveling alone. It will help you to do whatever you like and you will learn important life skills. You might also learn how to use a map and end up loving travel solo.

Live by Guidebook

#6 Ask the hotel staff for recommendations or approach other travellers. Guidebook is useful for a general overview, but probably out of date when it comes to restaurants, bars and attractions. Don´t live by a Guidebook, that sounds boring. Don´t be afraid to ask locals for advice, they love to help.

A place to stay

#7 When planning a trip, you might know where to stay – hostel or cheap hotel. A budget traveller don´t like to spend money and ends up at a hostel. In general, hostels are full of travellers to socialise and swap tips. Normally, they have a bar and serve breakfast. I prefer a low-cost 2 or 3-star hotel or Airbnb for a stay longer than one week. It depends what part of the world you´re. Bed-and-breakfast is quite social in South America, a lot less in Europe. Read reviews before you make final decision.

Mistake to avoid

#8 It´s time to confess: We always do mistakes, even the professional traveller makes fault. Here are some: Don´t eat near a major tourist site, the price could be double up. Don´t skip travel insurance. Find cheap flights and don´t book your flight too early. For a cruise, wait until last minute. Don´t exchange money at the airport. There are more tips to avoid mistakes to come. As an insider, we know some tricks, but we forget to mention the don´ts.

Not to plan

#9 So you think you can plan everything before you leave home for a journey? You can always try, but it is not possible to plan all in details. You shouldn´t plan every move you`ll make.

plan a trip
Women selling candles at the historic Magellan´s Cross in Cebu City, The Philippines

Your Budget

#10 You need to have an understanding of the costs for the following: Air tickets. Accommodation. Food.
Drinks. Transportation. Activities. Visas.
 Unexpected expenses.
Make sure you have money available and keep an eye on the Budget. No matter how cheap we want to be, travel requires some money.

Actually, we should put a rule related to money and budget as most important. Because you cannot travel and survive without money. Some countries are cheaper than other and recently I found The Philippines as the cheapest country for a long break from winter season in Europe.
Whatever destination and how much you plan for a trip, you will soon learn there are always unexpected expenses more or less every day.

Share in the Air

#11 The best things in life were made to be shared. So if you know somebody who’d enjoy our travel advice and quality journalism, you are free to share. Thank You!

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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