Foodie King´s Cross – quite a big revolution in London

Foodie King´s Cross
Impressive station. An urban renewal and foodie revolution is well under way at London’s King’s Cross.

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Norwegian Epic

Review at the sea: Fun cruise for everyone

“We could eat what we want, when we want”. On Norwegian Epic Lucas, 11, and Carmen, 14, made a cruise to remember.



A taste of Svalbard

Polar bear and nature. See professional video from wild Svalbard at 78 degrees north - roughly between mainland Norway and the North Pole.





Hotel with the view and striking art collection

Most likely you will let your gaze fly over the lake, feel the landscape, feel the fresh air on a sunny summer night.

Spiced journey in God´s country – Kerala on my mind

Can’t forget a place of charmed backwaters and charming laid-back people I met on a Spiced journey in Kerala

Anchorage an Urban oasis in untamed Wilderness

Alaska is big and the capital Anchorage is an urban oasis in untamed wilderness.
Sonoma in California

Sonoma in California a dream spot for travelers

Wineries, miles of coastline and close to San Francisco. Sonoma County is a traveler’s dream vacation spot in California. 
not to visit

Places not to visit in this wonderful world

Here are nine popular places on the earth you should keep away from in 2018 – if you love this wonderful world
ubud bali

Ubud Bali – Urban heart of the cool mountains

Ubud is a traditional town located in the cool mountains of Bali. A place where days turn into weeks and weeks become months.


Kimchi vegan, marriage and mix of Italy and Korea

One marriage, two food lovers and Kimchi vegetables made a fermented mix of Italy and Korea. We met Chef Mauro and wife in London

Arctic Tour; Local people has a story to tell

Arctic Race is part of a crazy story along the roads of Northern Norway where the locals turn out to be the main attraction