Sri Lanka optimistic of its tourism industry

Sri Lanka
Result of the attacks; 250 killed. Effects was downturn, but Sri Lanka bounce back. Meet optimistic Mustafa

Happy Filipinos make life more fun for Tourists

happy filipinos
King Goya went all the way to the Far East to learn if it´s more fun in the Philippines. True or wrong - You´ll be surprised

Tacloban from Death and Typhoon to Crime-free city

Drug-free and no Crime! Tacloban in the Philippines came up to a new life after hit by the deadliest Typhoon ever

Sweet Bali and Five Must-Dos when visiting

Hindu temple on a rock formation, scuba diving and tasty dessert. But stay away from western fast-food.

Santa in Nashville; Here it’s Christmas every day

Santa in Nashville
Most of us has Christmas once a year, but for pub-owner Denzel in Nashville it´s Christmas every day year round

Romantic and amorous surprises; Let the Love flow

It’s time to plan for the next romantic break. We have investigated and found six cities totally free of gondolas and towers

Philippines’ resort island Boracay reopen in October

A better and more sustainable Boracay, Philippines, is set to welcome back visitors end October

Ross visits all countries by bag-piping

Ross is the travelling bagpiper. He´s going to be the first to play the bagpipes in every country. Meet The First Piper

Top 10 Ideal Romantic Travel Destinations

romantic travel
The only thing to eclipse experience of being on holiday is a romantic holiday. We count down the top 10 destinations

Places not to visit in this wonderful world

Here are nine popular places on the earth you should keep away from in 2018 – if you love this wonderful world

Good morning, Vietnam! A Visit to a tiny village

The real Vietnam. Early morning, dark and no one around – except driver, guide and clients set for a special experience

India; Visit Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala

60 species are found here, include Asian Elephant, Bengal Tiger, Indian Bison, Sambar Deer, Indian Wild Dog and Leopard.