Saturday, June 22, 2024

Japanese way of Life. Wake up early. Worry less. Have more Fun!

Japanese doctor Hinohara lived and worked till 105 years old. He created the Japanese way of life, living the long life. Read and learn.

Laoag City: Happy People, Sinking Tower and The Marcos

The happiest people in the world are the main attraction. Including a sinking tower, President Marcos, and his infamous mother Imelda.

Where to visit in Japan..? The answered is Tokyo and Okinawa

Japan is where weakness and mistakes are hidden under layers of beautiful wrapping. Most foreigners enjoy the wrapping and never open the package.

Japan Food – Tasty Sushi Guide to Iconic Culture

Of all Japan Food, Sushi is most famous. It is the main Japanese culinary experience. Here's our guide to enjoying this tasty cuisine.

I want to Leave – What Country should I move to…?

For women, Pakistan is one of the worst countries in the world! MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY: Popular destinations for expatriates often include countries like Canada,...

Travel Alone and Enjoy Life in The Fast Lane

I don´t need travelling with anybody, I am happy in my own company. Best of all, I travel solo without being lonely and I meet Rapido Amigos

Let’s talk about a language that doesn’t use Yes or No

Finally, I found a language with few or no words that suggest something negative. Not any word for No! Not even one. Simply positive talking.

Spanish lifestyles: Eat Spanish and Live longer is Not a Joke

The secret living a long and healthy life is not secret any longer. You should visit Japan, Italy, Iceland and live happy in Spain to learn.