Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Breeze Bangkok; The place to eat and be seen

Dining in Breeze was more of an experience than just a meal. It was dinner With A View in Bangkok.

Massaman Chicken from Sandy’s heart and kitchen

Thai Chef Sandy Chan makes Massaman Chicken from her heart. We have the most authentic recipe.

Novotel Hua Hin – No value for money

This hotel had a lot of potential but suprisingly failed in almost every area. Paying nearly 100USD a night I was expected a lot more.

A Thai Village welcome for a Happy New Year

Good luck all year! One can only hope. And pray to Buddha, in all one’s Western whiteness.

Christmas in Thailand – What I learned from the locals

It was like that song – “I’ll be home for Christmas”. Or in the words of my stepmother: “It’s just Thai style”.

Cha Am in Thailand – Always return to my favourite

So far Cha Am is not yet destroyed by western tourists, its a small town where even the Thais have their vacation.

One Night in Bangkok and Never insult a Thai

Some makes bigger mistakes than others. Here are excellent advices from an expert in Bangkok.

The Beach Hotel without a beach

South of Bangkok we found The Beach Village Hotel - relatively deserted and we struggled to find the nearest beach.