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Lebua Tower – Luxury stay and review in the Sky

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It was certainly a memorable experience.

What about this – a suite with kitchen, dining area and two living room

BANGKOK: Towering above Bangkok’s sprawling skyline is a glittering gold dome that rests atop of the now famous Lebua Tower. Best known for its staring role in the Hangover 2 movie. Lebua Hotel is must see for those visiting Bangkok either to sip cocktails on the 63rd floor or for a luxury stay in a suite overlooking the city. Bangkok has gained quite the reputation for it’s chaotic atmosphere, so why not immerse yourself in the madness by staying right at the epicentre. Trust me, all good things start with a rooftop bar!

Style in the sky

There is no doubt the Lebua Tower Club is targeted at the luxury travel market. While some hotels opt for the classic understated luxury, Lebua goes straight in at the deep end with it’s alfresco fine dining restaurants that are halfway up to space, it’s enormous suites with panoramic views over the city, and it’s chic cocktail bar on the roof that glows in a ever changing stream of colour.


Lebua Tower Club is located on the Silom Road in Bangkok’s commercial district. Silom is a lively area with many high quality restaurants and bars. It also provides easy access to the rest of the city with a Skytrain and an underground stop.

So big – and the view!

We stayed in a luxury two bedroom suite on the 57th floor. I have honestly never stayed in a room so big, it just went on and on! Of course my favourite part of the room was the view, I can’t adequately describe how magnificant it was to walk out onto the balcony and watch the sunset over Bangkok. I was equally amazed that our suite had its own kitchen, dining area, and two living room areas! I would happily move in tomorrow. Everything was terrific excepet for the lack of WiFi in all parts of the room, a major error for a hotel of this calibre.


Lebua Tower Club guests can avail of the club room during the day which offers complimentary breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, as well as non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. There are also several other choices ranging from fine dining Italian, to alfresco Asian fusion restaurants. I must note that the breakfast buffet was exceptional, there was such a wonderfully large selection of pastries… oh and those cronuts!! YUM!

In-house service

Full spa, health centre, and pool. Of course Bangkok is famous for cheap massages and spa treatments but it is nice to have the option not to have to venture out of the hotel.


I simply loved the view from my room and the size of the room. Also the breakfast buffet was definietly something to write home about! However I wasn’t happy with the WiFi not being available throughout the room and at check-out the staff initally refused to store my bag for the day due to security reasons despite that very same bag being in the hotel for the last two days. Despite these slip ups I would still recommend the hotel as it was certainly a memorable experience.

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