Wednesday, July 8, 2020

First smart police stations opened in Dubai

Completely free for any human intervention, it`s time to help yourself with complaints and minor crime in Dubai

Bag-piping Ross pop in to all countries in high sounds

Ross is the travelling bagpiper. He´s going to be the first to play the bagpipes in every country. Meet The First Piper

Top 10 Ideal Romantic Travel Destinations

The only thing to eclipse experience of being on holiday is romantic travel. We count down the top 10 destinations all over the globe

Still popular in Luxor: Eye to eye with King Tut!

The Boy-King Tutankhamen had a short reign and few achievements. But “King Tut” is still the most famed in Luxor.

My week holiday in magical Marrakech with kids

She wants kids to explore all sorts of cultures. Artist Susanne Schandy took time off to explore Marrakech in Morocco.

Africa; Magical Kenyan Safari at Saruni Mara

In the Maasai language Saruni means tranquil. This perfectly describes the camp you can feel totally alone in the wild!

Local advice: Cairo safe and never sleep

“The social life is amazing and Cairo is safe and never sleep”. Meet Tour Guide and local Ahmed.

Cairo Pyramids Sphinx and screaming Chinese

A truly overwhelming visit! The Great Pyramid of Giza is the last standing wonder of the ancient world. It´s hard to believe.