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Plan Dream Holiday: Longer, Slower and Faraway!

Dream Now - Go Later

Travel and holiday are about to change. If you travel to far away, stay for longer

THE NEW WORLD OF HOLIDAY: Certainly, we all want to continue and explore what´s on offer in this beautiful world. We want to travel for holiday and exciting journey to happen. But we have to recognize, the new future of travel and holiday is here. Just hitting a sunbed in the name of holiday is as old fashion as sipping Pina Colada Cocktail in the Caribbean. As traveler and visitor, we have to move on, change to the new reality after Covid-19 – and plan a dream holiday. Then, next journey should be the best of your lifetime, nothing less. Dream now, go later!

Entalula Island Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Entalula Island Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Exciting future

Yes, I have plenty of experience from holidays and journeys around the world. Actually, I work as travel reporter, run a travel magazine and for years watched trends in the holiday and travel industry.
For obvious reasons, I like to offer a starting point: Step back in time and aim for the future! The future of travel and holiday is ethical, sustainable and exciting.
If I was teacher at the new School of Travel, I would teach about future travel and described holidays now and in years to come with three words: Longer, Slower, Faraway!

One or two journeys

Longer holiday instead of one week here and a short visit there sounds reasonable. Slower Vacation indicate new reports predicting we´ll choose to go away less frequently. And as a result of longer holidays, and one or maximum two big journeys a year, we will travel faraway on once-in-a-lifetime escapes. If this turns out to be the new trend, we will reduce jetting off on lots of city breaks.

Food served in Japan
Food served in Japan

Meet up with locals

Talking about advice, I always guide my readers and friends to meet up with locals. Likewise, I always listen to news from other travelers. One is the photo-reporter Marcus Westberg after his visit to Malawi in south-eastern Africa. Malawi is often overshadowed by its more better-known neighbours: Tanzania, with its abundant wildlife; Zambia, home of Victoria Falls; and Mozambique, with its picture-perfect beaches.

“It was never the country’s natural charms that kept drawing me back. It was the people”, the photographer Marcus Westberg wrote in New York Times after a visit to Malawi while sharing a collection of pictures.

Incredible Wildlife: Malawi National Park

Have Fun and learn tango

I always plan for ambitious once-in-a-lifetime trips and started to plan my next venture, and it will be Longer, Slower and Faraway. A dream holiday to The Philippines is such a possibility. A destination with more than 2,000 small and big islands. It´s easy to understand the number of white beaches. A country with this slogan tells a lot about the Filipinos: “It´s more fun in the Philippines”. Moreover, it´s an extra advantage that prices are lower compare with Thailand.

Happy in Asia: Filipinos make life more Fun

Another good idea is a long visit to Argentina. Dig into some of Buenos Aires` vibrant districts, such as La Boca, Palermo, San Telmo and Recoleta, each of which offer their own unique ambiance. Sure, it´s time for the ultimate Argentine experience – and dancing tango after late dinner.

Walking wild in the region of Salta, Argentina
Walking wild in the region of Salta, Argentina

It is possible: Argentina in one journey

Sir David Attenborough

Let´s listen to opinion from Sir David Attenborough, a 94 year old naturalist, life long broadcaster and a man on a mission to save the planet. Of course, Sir David has racked up more air miles than most. However, he is not demanding people to stop travel abroad as the Corona-crises eases.

“If you behave sensibly, you shouldn´t feel guilty that it has cost you some units of energy to get from A to B. You can´t justify everything by the cost to the invironment”, David Attenborough told The Sun.

Always a festival and city party in New Orleans
Always a festival and city party in New Orleans

Saint and Sinners

Remember, responsible travel is all about giving back to the local community. Lest´s take another advice from Michael Palin who has traveled the world for more than 40 years: “Travel local, it´s a lot more to explore. And if you travel to far away, stay for longer and learn more about the places and people living there”.

I want to see the real-life, meet some real-life characters and go below the surface. Meeting locals mean meeting both saints and sinners. There is a great saying; Every Saint has a great passed, every sinner has a future.

My advice for dream holiday is: travel less, learn and explore more. Most of us don´t require gorilla wrestling in the jungle. We just want a tiny slice of adventure to be alive, and then excited to return home.


Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
Journalist founded King Goya online travel magazine. Meeting people for engaging stories. I´m off to uncover the best strategies for long life living. This is part of my venture “Around the World in 80 Lanes” – about travel, run sprint, staying fit! I just want a tiny slice of adventures to feel alive, and then excited to return home.


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