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Paradise Hawaii – Pick your favourite from six islands

Paradise Hawaii
The islands of Aloha, volcanoes and the art of Hula. This is a guide for first time visitors. Try to pick your paradise in Hawaii

Facts about Ischia – or the new name Iskiah

facts about ischia
Here are some important facts about Ischia. The green island with one old and a new name. The old Ischia and the new Iskiah. Key Facts about Ischia Where: Located at the Bay of Naples, the northern end of the gulf of Naples in the region...

All you need: Don`t forget Belfast and Titanic

A bit more than 100 years of the great ship’s sinking, Belfast gives a glimpse of the city’s proud history and revealing the tragic tale of Titanic.

Have a Mojito with Hemingway in Havana

Havana is changing. But Ernest Hemingway is not forgotten in Cuba’s magical city. Have a closer look at our brilliant pictures and story.

Sri Lanka optimistic of its tourism industry

Sri Lanka
Result of the attacks was 250 killed. Effects was downturn, but Sri Lanka bounce back. Meet optimistic is young Mustafa

Tacloban from Death and Typhoon to Crime-free city

Drug-free and no Crime! Tacloban in the Philippines came up to a new life after hit by the deadliest Typhoon ever

Long Island – The small and magic secret of New York

long island
Some might view Long Island as a summer-exclusive hotspot, its insiders understand and value its year-round appeal

Best Irish pub London and the dry sense of humour

Best Irish Pub London
Irish pub with the warmest welcome in London. You have to leave the typical tourist area to find Auld Shillelagh. On the lash

Slow travel by strong women making history

Slow travel
Long before green tourism was a trend, Stefany believed it´s her duty to leave a better world to next generation

Praia de Pipa – Here Life comes in Waves

Praia de Pipa
Life is about sea, surfing and chilling out. Or about party, food and rest. A true paradise exists in Pipa, north of Brazil.

Naples My City – That’s real amore in the South!

Naples My City
Meet Pep, a local who reveals secrets and many reasons to visit Naples – or simply City of the Sun. Or Napoli, as they say in Italy

Romantic and amorous surprises; Let the Love flow

It’s time to plan for the next romantic break. We have investigated and found six cities totally free of gondolas and towers