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Obese and Heavy Weight: The World of Fat People reach 1 billion!

From fat to obese and even bigger. Don´t forget, you are what you eat!

PHILIPPINES: The Filipinos are not tall, but massive part of the 110 million population turn out to be bigger, meaning obese and overweight. Globally one billion individuals are obese, that includes around 30 million Filipinos. And the amount of overweight people increases every year, reflecting the global trend. More alarming, obesity rates tend to be higher among women compared to men.

OVER-SIIZED: The biggerst women seen in Cebu at night
OVER-SIIZED: The biggerst women seen in Cebu at night

Efforts to fight obesity in the Philippines include initiatives to promote healthy eating habits, increase physical activity, improve access to nutritious foods, and raise awareness about the risks associated with heavy weight. Nice words, but the reality is not so uplifting.

Sugar all day long

If it is the Philippine authorities or World Health Organisation/UN that undertakes this task, the result is disastrous. Never before have the Philippines had so many fat and severely overweight people. Never have Filipinos eaten so much unhealthy and fatty food – never has the consumption of sugar been higher. It is sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, and sugar all day long for all age groups. But Filipinos are not the most obese in the world.

Jumping Jack Fat: Funny overweight man in action.
Jumping Jack Fat: Funny overweight man in action.


Processed foods

Several factors contribute to the rising rates of obesity in parts of Asia. Traditional diets, which were typically plant-based and low in processed foods, have shifted towards more high-calorie, low-nutrient diets that include a higher intake of refined sugars, fats, and processed foods.

Traveling the world, you will realize that lifestyle play a significant role in obesity. Genetic factors can also contribute to gain weight. In some cases, obesity is more prevalent in lower economical groups due to limited access to healthy food options and opportunities for physical activity. Many people in urban areas lead increasingly inactive lives, with less time for physical activity or exercise.

Man in trunks with fat belly standing on a sea beach. Overweight, obesity and all inclusive.

Small islands – Fat people

The remote Pacific island nation of Nauru, along with Cook Islands, and Palau have the highest rates of obesity. Over 30% of their populations being classified as obese. Almost nine in 10 people in Nauru are overweight

Diets rich in carbohydrates and fats, coupled with processed and imported foods high in sugar and fats, have contributed to obesity rates in these islands.

USA and Europe

Over 42% of American adults have obesity, while 30% are overweight. More than two-thirds of US adults in the United States are overweight or have obesity. It is caused when extra calories are stored in the body as fat.
In Europe the obesity is increasing at a rapid rate, with 53% of the adult in EU`s population is overweight. Malta and United Kingdom have the most overweight population in Europe.

Least overweight

Among the least overweight countries in the world are Vietnam, India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Niger and the slim people of Burundi. However, Burundi in Africa is one of the poorest countries where people are living below the world poverty measure.

Healthy Japanese

Then we should look to Japan where the traditional Japanese diet habits are healthier than most countries. Japan has low obesity rates. The Japanese are far more physically active, they live active social life, and they walk more as part og their daily lives.

Words from a friend struggle to slim down: “I do anything to lose som kilo – except eat healthy and work out”

The only solution: Eat less and fysical training.
Male running on treadmill at the gym

Q & A about Heavy Weights

Q: What does obese means?
A: Overweight and obesity are defined as too much body fat that are a risk to health. 

Q: How many people are obese in the UK?
A: Health Survey estimates that 26% of adults in England are obese and a further 38% are overweight but not obese.

Q: What weight is concidered obese?
A: Search for Body Mass Index, BMI is one way to measure body size. It’s a tool to estimate body fat and screen for obesity and health risks. 

Eat less

Q: How to start losing weight when you are obese?
A: Weight to lose means playing the long game. Eat up to 75% of normal, fight the “hungry,” and make exercise.

Q: How many Americans are obese?
A: More than 2 in 5 adults have obesity, about 1 in 11 adults have severe obesity. Men who are overweight is 35%, women who are overweight is 27.5%.

Critical: Morbidly obese

Q: What does morbidly obese mean?
A: To be considered clinically severe, or morbidly obese, he or she must have a body mass index or BMI of 35–39.9 with one or more severe health conditions or a BMI of 40 or greater.

Q: What body fat percentage is obese?
A: A body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 30 is considered overweight, and over 30 is obese.

Q: Why are american children obese?
A: Easy access to high-calorie junk foods, few opportunities for physical activity, and genetic factors: A child is at increased risk for obesity when at least one parent is obese.

What can I do?

Q: My daugheter is obese, what can I do?
A: Children should be physically active. Set regular sleep routines, good sleep helps prevent diseases. Create a healthy eating plan, and watch portion sizes. Limit screen time.

Q: How to start exerciiting when obese?
A: Experts recommend gradually build to a workout of up to 250 minutes of weekly moderate-intensity exercise to increase weight loss. This can take any form, five 50-minute workouts per week or seven 40-minute workouts a week.

Q: Which is the most obese country?
A: The island country of Nauru is the most obese in the world with obesity affecting 61.0% of the adult population.

Rule #1: Eat less

Q: How to stop being obese?
A: Eat less, eat healthy food, reduced-calories and exercise regularly.

Q: Fun quote about loosing weight?
A: “I’ve been on a diet for two weeks, and all I’ve lost is 14 days.”

Gudmund Lindbaek
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