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Our Best Travel Tips – Travel like a Pro. Save Money

Talking with Locals can lead to exciting revelations about your place

BEST TRAVEL TIPS: Before the start of every thrilling, exciting adventure is the hassled process of putting together the trip, from travel to accommodation and food to miscellaneous expenses. While learning about new cultures, foods, lifestyles, different ways of life, and alternate points of view, travel is also an expense. And depending on the destination, it can be a rather big expense, leaving one calculating every rupee spent instead of having a good time.

Get ready for Take Off

Travel and Exploration

Instead of spending on brand-new clothes and shoes or buying a new bag and indulging in the latest technology, consider saving money for travel. Every time you think of making a purchase, think about how that money can be spent on your travel budget instead, resulting in more adventure days out. Reevaluate your values and priorities at every step, making space, and the budget, to make some fond memories.

Walking your way
Walking your way

Off-Season is Your Friend

Everything, from travel to accommodation and tours to food, will be more expensive during the season time and around holidays. Research all the attractions you want to visit to confirm if they will be open year-round, as there are attractive discounts during the off-season. If the only thing stopping you from traveling during the off-season is the weather, there are plenty of ways to prepare for that. Pack accordingly, and you’re good to go.

Meet the Locals

Don’t shy away from speaking with locals, and certainly don’t be rigid about sticking to an itinerary or tour schedule. Conversations with residents and exploring local markets and festivals can lead to exciting revelations about your place, must-visit spots, and must-eat food items. These conversations can result in some helpful advice and, other times, even lead to invitations to accompany them, which, if nothing else, will make for an excellent travel story.
Morover, if you wanna save money and time without getting lost inside the city you travel to, and to feel like a local, check out HeyTripster self-guided trip plans created by locals and the blog posts published in various categories. Our very best travel tips: Meet the locals!

A place to stay
A place to stay

Use Your Home

If you live by yourself or every household member will be traveling for a longer duration, consider renting your house out for the period you will be away. This makes the most sense with long-term travel that’ll have you on the road for at least a month, if not more. Depending on the rates of the place you live and where you’re traveling, you might even make a profit by the time you’re back.

Renting Instead of Hotel

Especially when traveling with a group, checking into a hotel can become a serious expense. Instead of carving out a huge chunk of your budget for accommodation, consider renting a space for your stay. This offers more space and amenities, making it a smarter choice for many. When renting online, ensure you reach out to hosts with high ratings and a solid track record. Additionally, you can also opt for options such as zostels, Airbnb, etc., which would be more economical.

Be On Your Feet

The best way to tour a new local place is through walking, exploring its nooks and corners, stopping at intriguing food stalls, and window shopping. Walk as much as possible, saving money on taxi fares and car rents. And when you do need a ride, opt for public transportation. While this is more affordable, it will also provide you with the opportunity to explore the hidden gems of the place as well.

Do Good With Food

Eating local dishes is always better because ingredients are locally sourced. For instance, going to Bangladesh and ordering a pizza or pasta will cost more than a traditional curry. By eating local, not only are you exploring a new cuisine, but you’re also saving money. If possible, visit local markets and source fruits and other ready-to-eat foods for an affordable meal.

Money Matters

Try to have a separate bank account that is only used while traveling. An account that allows for international transactions, unlimited ATM withdrawals, and doesn’t charge a transaction fee every time. Keep a notebook where you physically write down all of your expenses. Not only does this help since you can see everything in front of you, but it also encourages more responsible spending.

Free isn’t bad

Many tourist spots have built an entire industry around travel and tourism. Several places come with an entry fee and are certainly worth visiting. But a little research beforehand will also open up a variety of areas one can visit for free. Religious places often don’t have entry fees. Several museums and galleries have days and times when entry is free.

Do Extensive Research

Many websites exist today that allow you to compare flight rates, hotel prices, travel and tour costs, and more. Spend some time getting into the details, tweak your dates to see how it affects prices, and be thorough with your research before making any bookings. Consider this time an investment – money saved beforehand is money that can be better spent when on your trip.

Mindful Shopping

While you might be tempted to load up on souvenirs, local non-perishable snacks, and gifts for loved ones, keep in mind if your intent is creating memories, photos can easily do the job. While a few gifts are okay, consider the necessity of every purchase before you make it. Most importantly, make sure the item you’re purchasing is truly unique and locally sourced, making for a more authentic buy.

Something to buy
Something to buy


Travelling can be as much of a hassle as it can be an exciting adventure where memories are made. To make the process more fun,our best travel tips are all about  planning as a part of the journey instead of focusing only on the destination. By being mindful and alert, one can find several ways of saving money on travel in addition to the eleven tried and tested methods stated above.

Text by: Samantha Pollard

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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