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Dream Holiday. Trust me, we will all travel again soon

Live the Dream

Soon safe to travel again. Keep dreaming of where you’ll go first. Make a plan, it´s part of the fun

NEXT DREAM HOLIDAY: Remember what it feels like to leave home for a dream holiday? Now it´s time to switch from dreams to reality. A step to life itself, something to live for. Start planning for your next holiday. It´s time for fun in the sun, time to travel again and living the dream. After the corona-pandemic, when it´s safe to travel again, we all expect restrictions to end. Here are some of our favourite options for a much-needed break.

Party, party: One of many parades at the Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama.
Party, party: One of many parades at the Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama.

The Original Mardi Gras

Happiness is a way of travel – not a destination. But there are certain places bringing more happiness than other. Talking about joy, New Orleans may get all the attention, but he biggest party in USA was born in Mobile, Alabama. This is the birthplace of Mardi Gras, east of The Big Easy.

Put Mobile in Alabama on your list. They organised its first celebration in 1703 – 15 years before New Orleans’ founding. Mobile is part of the untold America, where Mardi Gras is fun and more like Christmas, and a great journey.

Music: Mardi Gras in Alabama means music by brass bands
Music: Mardi Gras in Alabama means music by brass bands

Look for the original

But, after all, if you notice the figure of Columbus dancing on top of a huge spinning globe of the world. Or, partying and dancing on an enormous upturned wine glass – would you see the world in different terms…?
That makes Mobile proud. So much so that the state tourism board put up a billboard outside of New Orleans stating, “You are 114 miles from America´s original Mardi Gras”.

Party in February

Mobile is one of the Gulf Coast´s cultural centres. That includes art museums, a symphony orchestra, opera and a ballet company, and plenty of historic architecture. The local specialities are Gulf shrimp, blue crabs, oysters, Southern fried chicken and other soulful delicacies. Slow-cooked barbecue is a prized local favourite. A Carnival in Mobile has the hard partying like New Orleans, but is more family friendly. The party starts in February and last more than two and a half weeks.

Underwater Tourism focuses on activities and attractions beneath the surfaces
Underwater Tourism focuses on activities and attractions beneath the surfaces. This from Cebu, the Philippines

Next Big Thing

Forget space tourism – deep sea tourism is emerging as the more stylish way to venture into the unknown. Tourists are turning to the ocean’s depths for adventure on the coastal zone. Underwater Tourism focuses on activities and attractions beneath the surfaces of water. Let´s go for scuba diving and snorkeling to see the magical world filled with color and ships.

The Seven Wonders

Here are the Seven Wonders: The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Belize´s Barrier Reef in Caribbean. Deep Sea Vents were found in 1977 off the coast of  Ecuador, South America. Northern Red Sea, the strip of water extending southeastward from Suez in Egypt, for about 1,930 km.

Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world, and the largest freshwater lake by volume. Famous for its crystal clear waters and unique wildlife. The Reefs of Palau is located in the westernmost archipelago in Oceania. This reef is for snorkel and have a look at the fish community as diverse as the corals. They found over 530 species of fish. Sharks, jacks, barracuda and snappers were the main.

Last but not least, the Galapagos islands, 1000km off Ecuador´s coast in the Pacific Ocean. Galapagos consists of 13 major islands, six small and many islets. The islands are known for their famously fearless wildlife.

One of many travel dreams

Tropical Sri Lanka is known for palm-fringed beaches, but also home of the most glorious archaeological sites. The area north of Kandy, with green hills of the central highlands and the surrounding flatlands, traditionally described “The King Land”. Now more known as the Cultural Triangle and home to five World Heritage sites.

Sigiriya - Sri Lanka
Sigiriya – Sri Lanka

Dream place with Buddah

Home to playing monkeys, giant Buddha statues and 1,500-year-old palaces. The Cultural Triangle is dotted with little-visited ancient monuments, Buddha statues, temples and no shortage of natural attractions.
In particular, visitors are flocking to Sigiriya to see the 200m high and famous Rock, surrounded by a network of gardens. As I write, Sri Lanka is open for business.

Pyramides in Giza, Cairo
Pyramides in Giza, Cairo

Meet Sphinx and Pyramids

Nothing can prepare any first-time visitor for the awe-inspiring of meeting the Great Sphinx face to face. Formed as a face and long lion, with big eyes gazing to the east. No matter who you are and feel, meeting the Great Sphinx and Pyramids will not leave you unmoved, hopefully with no screaming Chinese around.

How on earth was this possible? That was my one and only question staying near the Cairo Pyramids of Giza. When gazing at this Great Pyramid I have to admit; This is a colossal structure giving me the feeling of being dwarfed.

If you get the possibility; Visit Giza and the Grand Egyptian Museum, explore downtown Cairo and add a cruise on the river Nile.

Palawan - perfect area for island-hopping in the Philippines
Palawan – perfect area for island-hopping in the Philippines

Philippines for dream holiday

There are plenty of reasons to visit the Philippines. In an archipelago of 7,107 islands, pristine beaches and teeming coral reefs, the main problem is to decide where to lay your towel.

Philippines is one of the best places for diving and they serve the cheapest beer in the world. This country has been home of San Miguel since 1890, with a bottle costing only about 50p. And, the price level is lower compare with Thailand. Have a happy holiday in a country you can belt out a tune in even the shabbiest of roadside sheds. In the Philippines, singing Karaoke is a national sport, and the time is here to tune in for a dream holiday.

Prepare Dream Holiday: Longer, Slower, and Far Away


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