Slow travel by strong women making history

Slow travel
Long before green tourism was a trend, Stefany believed it´s her duty to leave a better world to next generation

Romantic and amorous surprises; Let the Love flow

It’s time to plan for the next romantic break. We have investigated and found six cities totally free of gondolas and towers

My week holiday in magical Marrakech with kids

She wants kids to explore all sorts of cultures. Artist Susanne Schandy took time off to explore Marrakech in Morocco.

Short break and complete chaos in Marrakech

Marrakech provides a unique cultural experience. The city has it all and now it is easily reachable for a short break.

VIP Treatment in Marrakech

Palais Namaskar
Palais Namaskar offers the ultimate escape from the chaos of everyday life in Marrakech, Morocco.

Marrakech: After dark life goes wild on the Market

It is called the biggest marked in North Africa, the place to eat, go shopping or meet locals. After dark the life goes wild.