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The Beach Hotel without a beach

Food & Beverages

THAILAND: On the east coast of Thailand in a relatively remote place we found an award- winning hotel – The Beach Village Hotel.

Three hours by bus south of Bangkok and just north of Pruachap Khiri Khan we find Beach Village Hotel. The hotel is relatively deserted and several hundred meters from the beach. In the vicinity you can enjoy long beaches and great seafood restaurants.


It features an unorthodox look. There are four rooms on each end in a separate section. In the middle in every section it’s small swimming pool. The departments have a total of eight sections labeled from A to H. I stayed at Club F which was in the middle of the hotel area. The Beach Village also has a fitness room with limited range  in addition to massage.

Food and drink

The hotel restaurant had a standard selection as most other regular hotels in Thailand. With few guests they give you a breakfast menu when you sit down in the restaurant in the morning . There you can choose between different egg dishes by western standards and your choice of drinks.


I chose a Deluxe bedroom. You can also upgrade to Studio Deluxe or Suite with two bedrooms. The room consisted of a living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen area had most of accessories for a common kitchen. Free Wifi in all rooms.


Since the hotel is 400 meters from the beach it is possible to use the bikes that are available or rent a moped or car upon request at the front desk . The area of the beach has a selection of different restaurants and other hotels . When renting a vehicle you can explore the area around Pruachap Khiri Khan and Hua Hin. The scenery around is very lush with mountains and national parks along the coast. Another option is to join organized tours to various excursions by talking to the hotel reception. On the beach there are canoe rentals.

What do we think about The Beach Hotel

Personally, I am disappointed with this hotel as it goes to be a four star hotel . Customer service was excellent. I received a very friendly reception and crew were helpful with information. Unfortunately, the location is a big minus. You had to have some sort of transportation going to the beach. The hotel was located so far from the beach that it made ​​it impossible to sunbathe because of the lack of sea breeze . There was also no refreshing to dive in the hot swimming pool.

The rooms were spacious and I felt this was more of an apartment than a hotel. The bed was comfortable but not particularly great. On television I found only Thai Tv channels .

beach hotel

This hotel is perhaps suited for locals rather than tourists who want beach life while on holiday. With such a large room it is also believed the hotel wants this to be a family hotel.
The surrounding area is quiet. At night there is not much entertainment except a few bars that closes relatively early. This is the place for tourists who want a quiet holiday. The place is best suited for the elderly or families with children, not so depending on a beach.

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