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Cha Am in Thailand – Always return to my favourite

Profession: Politician, Member of the Norwegian Parliament

My City: Cha Am, Thailand

Why I visit Cha Am: The family has a house there and we fell in love with this city. So far Cha Am is not yet destroyed by western tourists, its a small town where even the Thai have their vacation.

Erlend Wiborg
Erlend Wiborg, Norwegian in Thailand

Where do you live? A house on the island Jeløy, Moss, Norway

My early memory

The first thing I noticed in Cha Am in Thailand was the smell of food and cooking. Later i realised this city is full of small, pleasant outdoor restaurants.

My romantic memory: When we rented bikes and visited a nearby fishing village. We sat on the pier watching fishing boats at the sun set with impressive view before we had some delicious fish at a restaurant.

A favourite place to eat

Mums Bistro located at top of the Naratip street. This is a simple but clean and cozy Thai restaurant with very friendly staff.

What do you eat there? Generally we order 6-7 different dishes placed in the middle of the table. A mix of different flavours, meat, seafood, vegetables and more. I would say the bill never become high.

Where to meet the locals

At a giant market on Wednesday evening. This is the place to meet ”all” in Cha-Am and to buy everything from clothes, electronics to all kind of food. Here we often eat at various stalls.

My favourite bar: Chill Chill, it is a music bar in Naratip street.

My favourite shop

The Market on Wednesdays.

My funniest buy: Fried frog on a stick

Taxi or other local transport: It slightly depends if it’s a longer trips to and from the airport. At other longer trips we use a private driver for the cost of 30 euro for the entire day. On shorter trip we use a taxi and it doesn’t cost much.

cha am thailand
The Monkey Mountain in Cha Am

Keep away of

The street next to the shore called Snake Street. This is the street to be robbed in the evening or night. Otherwise, be aware of the traffic. The rules don’t follow the European standard, to put it gently.

What was your biggest mistake? So far I didn’t made ​​any big mistakes. Cha Am is pretty quiet and pleasant town you will enjoy.

My earliest memory? When visit Israel with my family at the age of six. We travelled around the country and were amazed by the scenery and history I still remember.

My worst holiday

I never had a bad vacation. All places have their own charm and it’s up to each person whether or not enjoying. But one holiday in North Africa was not up to my expectation. I did not feel safe and everyone begged for money and claimed they came from the local government.

Where next? Next vacation to Thailand is booked. We always celebrate Christmas in Cha Am and the following New Year in Bangkok.

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Munks in Cha Am

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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