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Las Palmas is my city of romantic memories

KJELL OLA KLEIVEN, CEO security business
Why I return to Las Palmas:
To feel the breeze of the Atlantic, taste Canarian specialties and enjoy the perfect climate year round.

las palmas

My early memory

The smell of flowers at a hotel we visited when I grew up. For some reason the smell stuck in my mind as the definition of happiness. If I am sad, I still try to think of that smell to cheer up. It brings instant happiness.

My romantic memory: An extended weekend with my girlfriend Jennifer Moi at the Santa Catalina Hotel in Las Palmas. A late evening dinning outdoor and enjoying the atmosphere. Almost like being in a 1930’s movie.

Favorite place to eat: Solmo Argentinian Steakhose, Solomillo Pimienta.

What do you eat there? A nice beef after Papa Arrugadas as a starter. My perfect ending to the meal is strawberries and ice-cream.

las palmas

To meet the locals

Surf Bar at Las Canteras and the local Salsa Club

My favorite bar: The local salsa club in Las Palmas

My secret place

The roof terrace of Reina Isabella Hotel, You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the perfect view.

My best advice: Avoid typical tourist places. Feel and speak Spanish!

My favorite shop: Sportzone and the local cigar shop in the old town (Vegueta). Both for obvious reasons.

My best and funniest buy

The best buy was rollerblades for the Las Canteras beach walk. Funniest, a fake Rolex called Relax.

Taxi or other local transport: Taxi for sure, and taxi drivers will let you know all the city highlights and hot spots.

Keep away of

The parking lot outside Las Arenas shopping mal. I had my car broken into there several times.

Your biggest mistake? Not to spend more time in Las Palmas over the years, instead of hanging out on the south side of the island. The city is pretty amazing. 

My earliest travel memory

Travelling with my dad while he was working in my childhood. He usually gave me money and name of our hotel on a note, if I got lost walking the streets. If that happened, I could take a taxi back to our hotel. All the money was spent on team shirts of different football clubs.

Your worst holiday? A charter trip to a Greek island in the early 90’s. Drunk Brits and rocky beaches. 

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
Journalist founded King Goya a few years back. Always traveling the world. Meeting people, local food and engaging stories are my passion. I don´t collect countries or require gorilla-stalking in Africa. I just want a tiny slice of adventure to be alive, and then excited to return home.


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