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Bangkok Nightlife: Bars you should Experience

Five authentic bars not to miss in Bangkok Nightlife

BANGKOK HAS A RICH NIGHTLIFE: This city is home to a wide variety of bars that cater to locals and tourists alike. We already featured Breeze, which is located on the 51st and 52nd floor of the Lebua Tower Club. Now we are going to take a look at the top five bars, other than Breeze of course, that you should visit in Bangkok.

Bangkok Nightlife

If you love nightlife, Bangkok has everything you could want. Read our mini reviews. There should be at least one of the bars you want to check out.

Tep Bar

Talked about. Anyone looking for an authentic Thai bar, then Tep Bar is the place to be. It is a celebration of Thai culture, cuisine, and liquor. Opened in 2014 by Asawin Rojmethatawee, his wife, and a couple of friends, Tep Bar has since become “Bangkok’s most visited and talked about cultural bar to date.” That’s because it represents Thailand at its unadulterated best. Here you can sample the traditional Thai liquor ya dong, whose herbal powers purportedly cures bodily ails.

Game Over Lounge

Roll the dice. Thailand has a rich gaming culture, with Thais having a passion for cards and board games. And you can play many of these games at Game Over Lounge. It offers many electronic games as well as a whole host of board games that you can enjoy while eating some tasty treats. To this end, you can’t go wrong with Daniel Thaiger’s signature burgers. But wait, there’s more! Unbeknownst to many Thailand’s coffee culture is just as steep. The Coffee and Culture series published by Medium explains how Thais have their own special brew: the Oliang. It is made “by roasting espresso beans in a pan over a charcoal fire”. And you can get a serving of it, too, at Game Over Lounge, along with other beverages.

Sportsman Bar & Restaurant.

Sporting Mecca. As much as the Thais’ love Oliang, cards, and board games, they also love sports and betting. Wagering on sports results is one of the local’s favourite hobbies as it elevates the experience of watching a live match. 88 Bet Step details how sports betting allows spectators to have much more fun when watching a match, as they watch the action intently all while keeping tabs on their bets. The best way to take part in such a rich tradition is at popular establishments like the Sportsman Bar & Restaurant. The Culture Trip featured this famous bar in its ‘Sports Bars to visit in Bangkok’ list, and raves about the “ultimate sports bar experience” it offers. Among other things, the bar has 10 projector screens, each with access to all the major sports channels you will ever need in order to follow and bet on your favourite team. What’s more, the Sportsman Bar & Restaurant also has dartboards, foosball tables, and video game machines — just in case there’s no game on that day. There is a range of drinks available, including Belgian and UK imports. It’s a true sporting mecca that sports fans will appreciate.

Bangkok bars

Eat Me

Old Institution. One of the best of cocktail bars is Eat Me. It was already a Bangkok institution 20 years ago, a good 15 years prior to the cocktail bar boom in Bangkok. Now it is a three-floor bar and restaurant, and has become one of the best places in Thailand to unwind. It has a Thai cuisine-inspired cocktail menu, as well as a range of delectable dishes prepared by famed chef Tim Butler. Alaskan scallops with avocado, yuzu and pancetta is a favourite dish among locals and tourists, as are the massive Australian wagyu tomahawk steaks and Eat Me’s homemade ice cream and sorbet.

Vesper Bangkok

Fancy Cocktails. If Vesper sounds familiar, that’s because it is! Vesper is the name of James Bond’s famous martini, and Vesper Bangkok does it justice. It is a high-end fancy cocktail bar and Italian restaurant located nearby the Sala Daeng BTS Station, It is known for serving some of Bangkok’s finest drinks, thanks to the preparation and attention to detail given to every cocktail. In other words Vesper Bangkok is a cut above the rest. As you peruse Vesper’s cocktail menu, called The Book of Botanicals, do note that everything is a must-try. But if you have to choose only three, then go for the Ginger Gimlet, the Silver Vesper, and the Vieux Carre. Finally, don’t forget to try out Vesper Bangkok’s Italian classics, which are created by no less than renowned Italian chef Luca Appino.

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