Happy Filipinos make life more fun for Tourists

King Goya went all the way to the Far East to learn if it´s more fun in the Philippines. True or wrong - You´ll be surprised

Tacloban from Death and Typhoon to Crime-free city

Drug-free and no Crime! Tacloban in the Philippines came up to a new life after hit by the deadliest Typhoon ever

Santa in Nashville; Here it’s Christmas every day

Santa in Nashville
Most of us has Christmas once a year, but for pub-owner Denzel in Nashville it´s Christmas every day year round

Philippines’ resort island Boracay reopen in October

A better and more sustainable Boracay, Philippines, is set to welcome back visitors end October

In Balanga the locals always wear a smile

Balanga City
The locals of Balanga City are very nice and they always wear a smile on their faces.