Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Where to visit in Japan..? The answered is Tokyo and Okinawa

Japan is where weakness and mistakes are hidden under layers of beautiful wrapping. Most foreigners enjoy the wrapping and never open the package.

Japan Food – Tasty Sushi Guide to Iconic Culture

Of all Japan Food, Sushi is most famous. It is the main Japanese culinary experience. Here's our guide to enjoying this tasty cuisine.

Tokyo Olympics will be the Hottest Ever

Should I Stay or should I Go? Tokyo is perhaps best when quieter and less crowded. Before and after the Olympics…

Santa in Nashville – Here it’s Christmas every day

Most of us has Christmas once a year, but for pub-owner Denzel in Nashville it´s Christmas every day year round

Time travel: Check out Tokyo in an old light

Tokyo is a fascinating mix of traditional culture and modern sensibilities, and the historic past pop up in unlikely places

Shangri-La Tokyo and a fusion of old and new

The Shangri-La goes all the way up and bedrooms feature floor length windows over-looking Tokyo’s impressive skyline.

More Japan – Southern resort of Okinawa

Relax on countless pristine beaches, letting time pass you by as you revel in the joy of sand dunes and sea in Okinawa

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