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Marry yourself New Trend in Japan. No Groom – No Problem!

A wedding like no other, but without a Groom. Where women just married and  still alone!

TREND IN JAPAN: Dear Ladies! Please don´t rush into marriage. A single lady is better than a frustrated wife. Or simply, can you marry yourself..? The answer is here. If you want to create own happiness, marry yourself in a solo wedding is the new solution. The advice if you don´t found the right man to marry: Look to Japan and the new trend: No groom is simply no problem.

Dressed like no other bride
Dressed like no other bride

Autogamy or sologamy meaning woman marries herself. Supporters of the practice argue that it confirms one’s own value and leads to a happier life. Critics argue that the practice is not legally binding. So far, only women have taken advice of a new trend in Japan. Look no further than the travel agency Carca Travels in Kyoto.

The Wedding package

For the price of 2,500 US dollar the package includes all connected with a wedding. Some pictures in a rented wedding gown or a gorgeous bridal kimono. The bridge will be whisked away to a shop to be fitted with her dream wedding gown. A florist will create a matching bouquet. The tour package included two days and one night in a hotel.

On the big day the bride will be met a stylist for accessories, hair and makeup, ready for a pro photographer. After photo shoot, the bride will have a preview her images, and later get a mini album. Add-ons could be a Japanese man to pose as an image partner, dinner with the tour guide, or a spa treatment.

Hair, makeup, stylist

The next day, the bride will meet with a stylist for accessories, hair and makeup, proceeded by a photo shoot with a professional photographer. After the shoot, the bride is invited to preview her images and have a cup of tea with the photographer and stylist. Within a few weeks, she will get her photos via USB and a mini album, and the memories, of course.
Optional add-ons include a Japanese man to pose as an “image partner”, dinner with the tour guide (if you can’t stand to dine alone), and spa treatment.

Real bride, but fale wedding guests
Fake Wedding Guests


Tomoe Sawano in Kyoto came up with this idea. First client to book this package, describes her solo wedding experience as a “holiday.”
“I was really entertained and reinvigorated by this package. It boosted my self-confidence. I had always looked tired, but with the help of the staff I managed to capture the beautiful shape I have”, she told when still in her 30s.

Sologamy or autogamy is marriage by a person to themself. Supporters of the practice argue that it confirms one’s own value and leads to a happier life. Critics argue that the practice is not legally binding.

Marry yourself

Many Japanese don´t want to commit to a relationship, and solo marriages were the answer. The clients are mostly made up of women who want to have a wedding, mostly without a stand-in groom.
She pays for the ceremony, the attendees, wedding cake, the ring, and the dress. Such weddings are expensive but includes a marriage license stating that she is married to herself! Without a real ceremony promising to love herself for richer, for poorer is no possible.

Such marriage confirms an old Japanese saying: “It is far better to be alone than to wish you were.”

Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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