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How to save money traveling – Nothing for free

Let´s face the reality – what is possible and what is a dream

Travel cheaply – save money. They can continue to write and talk about it, you can read about it and you might even dream about travel the world without money. Wake up from your dream, you cannot travel without any money. To point it precisely; You don´t need to be rich to travel, you can save money traveling cheaply and responsibly without breaking the bank. But for free and without money..? Forget it.

Work your way

#1 There are plenty of ways to travel cheap and save money. But you have to be creative and ready to live on limited budget. I am sure you will find ways to keep your expenses low and even make money by working your way from place to place making to survive. But for how long time and do you really find this way of travel attractive? Well, maybe if you are a young backpacker and open for the lowest standard of living possible.

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Impossible dream

#2 Let´s face the reality and have a closer look at what is possible and what is not. In the online world of advice, you still find some bloggers who still claim that it is possible to travel without money. Travelling for free means free accommodation, transportation, free food and activities. A journey with zero cost will soon come to an end, that´s an impossible dream.

Travelling Europe

#3 Europe is not cheap, but you can choose regular airlines, low cost airlines and trains. Alternatively, busses are probably the cheapest way to get around Europe. Megabus is a cheap way to get around the United Kingdom as well as to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

Budget airline is the cheapest ways to travel long-distance. Such as Norwegian, Ryanair, Vueling and EasyJet. Sometimes budget airlines costs more because of all their fees, be sure to follow rules. Let Skyscanner and Momondo do the work, to search for the best deals.

Work, not travel

#4 If you´re ready to work and not require a life of any kind of luxurious, you can definitely get around. But you have to work – as barkeeper, teacher, Au pair, Tour guide or any seasonal worker. That is not travel for free, it´s hard work and travel for the money you earned.

Save with Tourist Cards

#5 Take advantage of the service any local tourism office offer. Tourist Cards offers discounted and free access to attractions and museums, as well as public transportation. Visit websites, buy cards, and you avoid cue as extra bonus.

Money saving Australia

#6 Stay in hostel is a money saving tip that goes anywhere, but particularly relevant with Australia where hotels are pricey. Travel on the Greyhound Bus, Museums and Galleries are usually free to enter, make your own food, and buy alcohol in a liquor store. Budget drinkers can buy cheap, boxed wine that is as bad as it sounds. Have a water bottle ready to refill as you go, because tap water is drinkable and free.
As soon as you get to Australia, open a Gumtree account and use it for everything.

Australia has hundreds of national parks and state forests, they offer a wealth of free activities. The best way to save money in the cities is to get a transport card. The cheapest time to fly to Australia is from mid-April until late June.

Social Network

#7 We all have a social network of friends and family, and don´t hesitate to use that. Ask your friends if they know anyone where you are going, may be your parents know some. Use your network.

save money traveling
Welcome to a beach near Puerto Princesa, Palawan, The Philippines

Low Cost Country

#8 Forget Thailand, in Asia The Philippines is the low-cost country. Once you are out of capital Manila and the tourist hot-spots such as Boracay, it´s relatively easy to live healthy on a budget of 35 us-dollar a day. June is the cheapest month to fly to Manila. Philippines is an island chain and you must take ferries and planes and that ups the cost quite a bit.

Cheap in South America

#9 There is a reason why backpackers travel to Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru – they all are low cost countries. You are wrong if you think every country in South America is cheap. My rule of thumb is that you will need about 1,000 us-dollar a month travelling across this continent, depending a great on which countries. Bolivia is much more budget-friendly than Brazil for trekking through the Amazon rainforest.

Fun at Low price

#10 Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are relatively expensive. Stick to all the other countries in South America and you will never find a better place to have fun at such a low price. A local been in Peru costs 1,75 us-dollar.

Save in Africa

#11 It´s not a general rule how to save money or travel on low budget in Africa. It all depends on your stopover and where you travel. Morocco, Egypt, Malawi, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa are the six cheapest places in Africa to visit for holiday.


#12 Where ever you decide to travel, make sure you are covered by a travel insurance. It won’t protect you from everything, but it can minimize the considerable financial risks of traveling. And insurance have never been for free.

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