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Secure Female Travel; Safety First is the Key

#13 Stick to these advices and have the time of your life

It is possible for women to travel the world alone and stay safe. But it´s certain precaution to take in an unknown area. Definitely, she should listen to the little sound from the back of her head for secure female travel. By the way, all of us should follow that advice.

Risky world

#1 The sense of safety first naturally becomes more heightened over time as a female solo traveler. Part of this wonderful world can turn out to be a risky territory.

Listen to Locals

#2 A decent advice is to ask women what is risky and what is safe area. Listen to locals is a good start, listen to local females is even better.

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Important items

#3 All your important and costly items should stay secure in a bag, never into your backpack or luggage. If you let passport, phone, camera and any technology out of your sight, that is a fair change that they could be away from you forever.

Watch your Drinking

#4 Alcohol dull your senses, slow your reaction, which in turn makes you vulnerable to others. Drink slowly, have a glass of water in between each drink and always take drinks directly from bartender and ask yourself; Do I want to be less in control than I´m right now? Stop if the answer is no.

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Less of a Target

#5 Don´t flaunt your valuables such as wearing jewellery and expensive rings when they travel. One of my favourites: Conceal cash by rolling it up and stick it in an empty tampon applicator – one unused. Slide it back into the wrapper and you´re set.

Staying Safe

#6 It´s hard for any to spend extra cash on accommodation when it could go to many more fun activities. But it´s smart idea to financially invest in safety and take taxi back home at night. Pay more to stay in a central part of the city with lively activity instead of a cheaper in quiet residential area.

Travel Insurance

#7 Yes, you absolutely need travel insurance. If you need to go to the hospital or are robbed, travel insurance will provide you with the security you need.

It is important to note that while some travel credit cards offer mild insurance coverage, it is often not comprehensive. If you lose your luggage, get stranded due to airline problems, or need to travel for family medical emergencies, you may be covered. However, it is very rare, if not impossible, to find a travel credit card that offers medical coverage in any capacity. If you’re looking for travel insurance, it is suggested you look elsewhere for a more comprehensive plan.

If you need a resource on travel insurance we’ve become big fans of this site They rated World Nomads “Best for the Young and the Restless” and they seem to have been continually updating their research since the beginning of the pandemic.

Secure Female Travel

#8 Do some research and find the risky area at your destination. Then it´s easier to avoid getting into a dangerous situation and have a secure female travel.

Buy something

#9 Here is the best solo women travel tip I ever heard. The first thing you should do in a new destination is to go into a local store and just buy something small so you can have a bag. That bag marks you as a local.

Meet other Women

#10 There’s an organization called Women Welcome Women, it’s in every country in the world. It’s basically a directory service of women who just love to help and meet other women. It’s a nice way to have a safety net and yet still travel alone.

Dress properly

#11 Hot and humid areas are normally more comfortable in shorts and sleeveless, but may not be suitable for certain traditions, cultures, and locations.

Resort casual

#12 This is typically a comfortable pair of shorts, slacks, or skirt, a nice top or shirt that goes with the bottoms, and sandals. Your resort casual outfit, think about how you look in pictures that you’ll show family and friends.

Safety is the Key

#13 Walk confidently and don´t look like an easy target. Safety is key when traveling, above all as a solo female. Stick to these advices and you will have the time of your life.

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Gudmund Lindbaek
Gudmund Lindbaek
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