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Active Vacation Test at Oceano Hotel Health Spa

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Oceano Hotel Health Spa, 38240 Punta del Hidalgo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Between Mountains and Sea next to some Natural Wonders

PUNTA del HIDALGO, TENERIFE: We always talk about combining holiday with recharging our personal batteries. We continue to search for a break to discover nature and promote health through a wellness program. Finally, on this immense tourist island we found Oceano Hotel Health Spa. A place away from the tourist track providing all we search for, accessible and easy to reach.

Oceano Hotel Health Spa
Piscina Natural, the sea-water pool near the hotel, protected from a wall which the waves are crashing.

Tenerife charms visitors with crater landscapes, steep coast and impressive forests – this island is a true El Dorado . Far from the touristic south, the Oceano Hotel is located in the small town of Punta del Hidalgo in the green northern tip of Tenerife. Next to some true natural wonders such as the Anaga mountain range, the legendary Esperanza forest and Teide National Park.

Oceano Hotel Health Spa
Here the Oceano Hotel Health Spa is located close to the sea north in Tenerife

Center of Health

Taking yoga right by the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by breath-taking nature – there is no better place than the rooftop terrace. The hotel is a starting point for outdoor activities and the Center of Healthy Motion provides a range of health offers. Such as a modern fitness course, a tennis court, a bouldering wall ensure varied units, training strength and flexibility. There seems to be something for everyone searching for active vacation and relaxation between mountain and sea.

Oceano Hotel Health Spa

Morning workout

The best start of the day is to take part in a light morning workout called “Awakening at the sea”. A personal trainer is available and this is a place perfect for watersport, such as surfing and bodyboarding. The local surf school is just minutes away from the hotel. Golfers can enjoy a 18 hole golf course a short distance away from the hotel.

On the roof: Yoga right by the Atlantic Ocean

The Natural Pool next to the sea

Fishing Town. Like most coastal towns, Punta del Hidalgo was a simple fishing town in the borough of San Cristobal de La Laguna. With the tourists in the 60´s all that changed. Now guests love its tranquility and staying idyllic amidst all the developments. The town remains unique in its way, more laid-back as it´s no longer in the middle of the bustle. But the stunning panoramas are as striking as it was in the glory days.

Anaga mountain area

Spa and therapists. The Oceano Hotel is only a quick walk from the beach and around 10 minutes to the center. Aside from great location, all their rooms also have a fully-equipped kitchen. They also provide a medical spa with a team of doctors and therapists.

Inside and outside: We want all to be in harmony

The high mountain top

After a week escaping everyday life combined with training you will feel the energy of the ocean. To enjoy silence and the moment take a walk into the laurel forest just a few hundred meters behind the hotel and explore a jungle mood. Here the clouds and fog create a mystical mood when you walk one of Tenerife´s hiking trials. A must-visit is the El Teide National Park with its impressive 3,700-meter high top of the volcano, the landmark above the cloud. Make sure you are in perfect shape to walk to the top of Teide. After such a day, the wellness area at Oceano spoils you with thalasso pool, sauna, massage and relaxation. The best always comes at last.

More of Wild Tenerife: Breath-taking Rocks around the North

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